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Barton G or Talula

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My sister is going out for her birthday and is having trouble picking one of these two restaurants for a special night out. Any suggestions or preferences would be appreciated or if you think she should go another way i wouldn't mind hearing that as well.


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  1. Well, the new chef (Richard Blais) just left a restaurant here in Atlanta and he is pretty talented. Check out photos of my meals at his place:http://blissfulglutton.blogspot.com/2...

    I would recommend Barton G.

    Edit. Blais has not yet started at Barton G.

    1. I've eaten at both and like Talula a lot better. I think the food is better and less gimicky and that the restaurant overall is much less of a "scene" than Barton G sometimes is. On a busy Saturday, Barton G never has the table ready on time and often seems to be packed with annoying out of town types while Talula feels more local and neighborhoodish. They are just very different restaurants.

      If they end up at Talula, they should try the vidalia onion tart.

        1. The food sounds more interesting ay Talula but I thought maybe the atmosphere and presentation would be more festive at Barton G

          1. She is also considering Duo and Big Fish...

            1. the presentations at barton g are a lot of fun, and it is definitely a party atmosphere. but the food isn't anything to write home about; my main quibble with barton g is that every time i go there the server tries to rush you through your meal. i have made it a point to ask that the courses be more spread out (dont clear my first course and show up with the main plate seconds later!), which inevitably results in cold entrees.

              the food at talula is much better.

              if you want to have a very beautiful dinner, i'd also recommend vita - the food is good and i love eating on their patio - it's very pretty, and with the right group, quite festive.


                1. I agree with most posters: Talula is more elegant and has far better food, and Barton G is mostly a zoo, if a fun one. Also, make sure you ask prices on specials at Barton if you go -- my brother ordered a lobster special that ended up costing $100.

                  1. I LOVED Talula-- went there on a friend's recommendation and at outside in the courtyard,,,beautiful setting amid the lush tropical plants and all the lights glittering..

                    FOOD was TERRIFIC- service was fine.