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Jul 19, 2006 08:35 PM

Sushi for lunch near Chambers Street

Help is needed. After a year of diminishing quality of sushi and service, I have decided to search for a lunch time sushi joint that is neither Datong (Broadway and Worth) nor Agi (Reade between Broadway and Church). I'm looking for some place that is walking distance from Chambers, preferably has a lunch menu and is not too expensive.

Many thanks in advance.

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  1. Ise at 56 Pine has been reliable. Maybe too far though, at least ten blocks.

    1. The best sushi I've found downtown is at Sushi a la Kawa on Maiden Lane. The fish is always very fresh and the lunch prices are very reasonable. The place is always jammed but they turn tables quickly. To my mind it can't be beat.

      Sushi a la Kawa
      18 Maiden Lane
      (212) 766-8805

      1. Tokyo Bay is on Duane between Greenwich and Hudson. It is more than adequate and I would say significantly better the names above.

        1. I second Ise. It's worth the walk.

          1. A belated thanks for these recommendations. I've been hitting up Takahachi which I've been very happy with. Tokyo Bay will get the nod tomorrow, and everything else over the course of theh coming weeks.