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John's Pizza - Bleecker St.

I went to John's last night for the first time. There were no lines and the place was actually kind of empty. We were able to order right away and the pie (plain) came out in, probably, less than 10 minutes. The crust was decent, thin, a bit charred, but overall there really wasn't much taste. There wasn't anything *bad* about the pizza, but I've always heard John's put in the upper echelon of New York pies. There used to be a John's uptown branch in the low 60's that I remember being pretty good. If it weren't for the name, last night's pie would not have been one that I'd ever remember. Other's thoughts? Was this possibly an off night?

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      "the pie (plain) came out in, probably, less than 10 minutes"

    2. There is a Johns off of 1st Ave around 63 or 64th - we've had very good pies turned out there - seems the less toppings the better off you are - also went to the one in Times Square on a whim recently and found the pies to be of the same quality. Haven't been to the Bleeker one in years.

      1. The one on Bleeker is the original, has the coal oven, and just isn't that good. Next time walk ten minutes to Arturo's. The crust is slightly thicker, so the effects of the coal oven on the crust are clearer: chared on the outside, soft on the inside.

        John's is so thin that the hot coal oven just toasts the crust. The dough taste is completly gone after cooking.

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          Second the Arturo's rec -- never been a big fan of John's.

        2. I found the crust at Johns to be dry and flavorless.

          For the life of me I've never understood why this place gets any praise.

          I consider it to be in the Carnegie Deli category. All hype, no substance. Strictly for the tourists.

          1. I have eaten at every pizzeria worth naming in NYC and New Haven (and a few other cities too). John's of Bleecker always has been and always will be one of the very best.

            1. Yeah, John's is pretty bad. Last couple of times I went, it was really mushy in the middle, crust wasn't that great, just couldn't understand what people liked about it.

              1. As I said in the original post, I had a plain pie. I've been to Arturo's, albeit a while back, and liked it. I don't think either one compares with New Haven or Kinchley's in New Jersey. I want to say though, that I didn't think the pizza was bad. It was just completely unmemorable.

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                  Ah Kinchley's. Haven't been there in years.

                  Agree on John's. Not much to speak of when you get a plain pie, which is all I've tried. It definitely needs something, even just some salt.

                  1. re: DaveS

                    Agreed. My first John's experience was about 2 weeks ago and it was simply okay. Classic might be a word to describe it.

                    But more importantly...Kinchley's is one of the best pizzas anywhere, anytime. 365 days a year for beer-based crispy crusts. A plain pie + and a fra diavalo pie + a birch beer = a very happy dkstar1.

                    1. re: dkstar1

                      My favorite pie at Kinchley's is Black Olive and Fresh Garlic. WOW!! Always have to get a plain one too. It just tastes *too* good.

                2. ok admittedly it's not the best pie in ny, I usually get it with everything (except anchovies) and a pitcher of coke. This is usually late night after having had more than a few, but I like it. if I'm in the nabe it's a cheap way to eat.