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Jul 19, 2006 08:21 PM

Arang review -- Korean AYCE on a budget

Not by any foresight I found myself within vicinity to try Arang, an all you can eat Korean buffet I first saw mentioned in a TimeOutNY budget article. Located above KunJip I had walked by before but was too afraid of what a $10 buffet might look like. I was worried over nothing.

Arang was a pleasant surprise. Not gourmet by any measure, Arang offers a modest buffet spread in a clean and pleasant environment. The interior is Asian rustic, bright from the wall-to-wall windows up front. It's a real sit-down restaurant, not a cafeteria and although most partake of the buffet, there is a menu of ala carte options to order.

The buffet choices include:
-- a couple light soups including miso
-- a basic green salad
-- a limited selection of sushi, many with fake crab meat
-- banchan: kimchee, bean sprouts, spinach, Korean style bok choy, etc
-- Korean staples: bulgogi, ddukboki, squid boki, spicy pork, japchae, etc.
-- a couple Chinese-type dishes: sweet&sour something, mussels in a goopy sauce
-- a couple Japanese dishes: tempura, soba noodles
-- dessert-y palate cleansers: melon and jello

Nothing was really stellar but everything was edible and relatively fresh tasting and filling. The vegetables/banchan especially were surprisingly fresh and well-spiced, and a meal can be made just from them. I especially enjoyed the spicy pork and a sliced egg omelette.

I recommend this place based on value. Lunch is a modest $9.99, dinner is $12.99. You definitely get your money's worth. (For comparison in the neighborhood, you can get an AuBonPain sandwich and beverage for the same money.) It's not a destination, but if you find yourself nearby it's a good lunch option and worth a try.

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  1. I've always wondered about this place. Thanks for the review! Sounds look a good deal.

    1. Thanks, Pupster. I inquired about this place some time ago and didn't find out much. Glad you went and can report back. It doesn't sound spectacular but it seems you do get bang for your bucks. And I'd rather not spend my bucks at Au Bon Pain.

      1. Sounds to quote you "goopy". I pass on this one

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        1. re: Buddha Belly

          Hey, what can I say? It's worth ten bucks.