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Jul 19, 2006 08:14 PM

Geographic descriptions inaccurate or inconsistent?

Maybe this has been addressed, but I have been noticing some inaccuracies/incosistencies in the descriptions of each board that are in italics right below the board name. For example, the Los Angeles Board says that it includes San Diego, but everyone posts about San Diego on the CA board. Similarly, the Southwest Board notes that it includes Reno, but everyone seems to be following the old board convention of putting Reno on the CA board...(and the posts aren't getting moved)...

Perhaps the descriptions need a bit of cleaning up?

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  1. wow, I hadn't noticed that but I've looked and you are quite right. I can only imagine that its in error. Why on Earth would San Diego be listed as part of the Los Angeles board? Separate from CA I can get but San Diego is as much part of Los Angeles as Bakersfield or Fresno or--- dare I say it? knowing all the debates in the past?--as much a part of LA as SANTA BARBARA! <giggle>

    1. The Chowhound Team has acknowledged several times here that listing San Diego as part of the LA Area board is an error that needs to be corrected. Posts for San Diego should be directed to the Calif. board as they have in the past.

      1. I just noticed this posting and would love clarification on the Reno issue. Susan's right: the board describes Reno as being on Southwest...but we happy few, we band of Reno Chowhounders continue to post on the California board as always. Personally, I feel more geographically connected to Northern California than to the Southwest...after all, Reno IS 450 miles from Las Vegas, but its always interesting to me how many east-coasters don't realize that...

        Actually, I would love to see a Northern California and a Southern California Board in addition to ones for LA and SF. Wading through all the San Diego posts to get to the northern California ones can be a pain.....

        1. Please continue to post about the Reno area on the California board.

          Thanks for your patience while the site continues to evolve.