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Jul 19, 2006 08:13 PM

Total (Fage) yogurt, calcium and diet and excercise [moved from General Topics]

With all this talk about diet and exercise I have a question for you other health conscious hounds:

I noticed that total 0% yogurt has less calcium oz for oz compared to traditional yogurts. I starting eating a yogurt a day based on the studies that show people who eat at least 1 full serving of dairy per day burn more calories than those who don't. disclaimer: as part of a low calorie diet and exercise plan. I believe it is the calcium that helps. Am I doing myself a disservice by eating total?? I really can not stomach regular yogurt, especially after getting addicted to the creamy thickness of total. Should I just replace some calories by eating another yogurt??

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  1. I'm pretty sure those studies were funded by the dairy industry, if that makes any difference. I really can't believe a little less calcium would make any difference. I believe it has more protein, however, which theoretically should help fill you up. Personally I'd go for protein over calcium.

    1. I'm also sceptical about the diet claims made for dairy, but if you're concerned take a calcium supplement. It's a lot cheaper than eating a ton of Fage and fewer calories than eating a higher fat yogurt.

      1. Is the 2% much higher?

        It always bugs me, btw, that the O% is in a smaller package but sells for the same prices as the whole and 2%.

        1. Hello,

          I am assuming total yogurt means full fat. While it is ideal to eat more low fat dairy products you are at least getting some calcium with the full fat version. If you are looking for a calcium source you caoiuld also try cottage cheese or canned salmon with the bones.

          With regardes to the reports stating people who eat at least one serving of dairy burn more calories, this isn't necessarily saying anything about cause-effect. This is the way that science gets reported in the news. A lot of research data such as this is misinterpreted by the media. This stat ccould also be interpreted to mean that people who are more conscious about diet and include dairy products excersise more generally and therefore burn more calories.

          I would try going with 1% yogurt for now.


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            My post said 0% and that is what I have been eating. I guess I will jsut stick with the one and try to get extra calcium other ways.

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              Actually, Total is product made by Fage. They make 0%,2%, and whole. I eat the 2%. I can't deal w/ paying the same for a smaller container. The 2% is very delicious, and only 4 grams fat in a 200 gram serving. It has 15% RDA calcium. I just looked at my co-worker's tub of 0%, and it has 15% RDA in 227 grams, so only slightly less calcium.

              I think the OP should be taking a calcium supplement, anyway, as insurance. You're unlikely to eat enough yogurt to get 100% calcium.

              You are SO right about the ridiculous ways in which health data (and so many other statistical "facts") are reported.

            2. "...studies that show people who eat at least 1 full serving of dairy per day burn more calories than those who don't."
              Utter nonsense.