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Jul 19, 2006 07:51 PM

Is Old Mill Crab House in Delmar, DE the best?


I'll be camped out in DE doing some surfing as soon as my terrible summer internship here in DC comes to an end. Years ago I remember eating at the Old Mill Crab House, and I can only recall good memories and tasty crabs.

Should I go back there? I'll be camping at Indian River Inlet, just north of Dewey, so I ideally don't want to travel too far.

Thanks in advance!


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  1. Old Mill still has tasty crabs but it's a hike from Dewey - 45 minutes at least - about as far west you can go and still be in DE.

    1. Hmmm...then maybe I'll pass. I have read about the other places to go, and I could try one of those. I really don't want to end up in Ocean City, but it looks like that would be the next closest place...?


      1. The best thing at the Old Mill is the fried chicken and the hushpuppies. We go every summer and every summer we are disappointed!

        If you want the best freshest crabs I have found on the shore and I am a local. Try hitting Watermans, right on the bay on your way back to the bridge, just head North a bit near Chestertown. It's well worth the side track and has better crabs than anywhere you'll find at the tourity beach places. They have a huge outdoor,covered deck and the sweetest, fattest crabs I have had since I have lived here. Some nights there is even live music on the deck!

        1. there used to be an old mill in bethany, burnt down a couple of years ago. it was my favorite place for crabs, the delmar site is also great but quite a hike. i think worth the trip if you're into a long night of eating crabs. i'm in ocean city quite a bit and have liked the crabs at the crab bag on (i think, 130th street, used to be key west crab bag). i've only gotten carry out crabs that were really good, neighboors went to their all you can eat and liked it very much.