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Tortilla Factory in Herndon

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in herndon.. a nice little place.. pretty good food. but the best part is the salsa and chips (and lots of other things) you can get to go. if you live near herndon seek this place out. i also like taquiero pablano in del ray.

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  1. I actually have eaten there twice and thought the food was subpar, at best. I went once expecting great things only to be disappointed. Then went again over a year later, thinking perhaps the first time was just a bad day, but again, the food was sub-standard.

    1. I've eaten here before also and found it woefully subpar. I'd rather go to Chevy's instead.

      1. It used to be better, or maybe that was in comparison to other options. I think honestly the truth lies with both of those options.

        There are now a nice range of options for more authentic tacos, including:
        - The taco truck on Rt 7 near Baron Cameron
        - Lakeside cafe in Lake Anne (the steak is incredible)
        - The mercado in the parking lot of Lake Anne (though service stinks here)
        - The place in the Sterling clock tower (same goes for service)
        - The market behind the McD's on Elden - near Teocalli
        - He's been spotty this year, but on Sundays at South Lakes park there's a truck for the soccer games
        - There's a truck on South Lakes but on the west side of Reston Pkwy but it's there at night so the guy lives there - not sure yet where he sets up during the day.

        1. but the chips and salsa to go is soo cool... chevys is actually pretty good for a chain. i love those fresh fruit margaritas.. great ice texture

          1. I was always a fan of Anita's myself but I haven't been there nor to Tortilla Factory in 5+ years...

            1. while i agree with the other recommendations listed above, tortilla factory is still one of my all time favorite mexican restuarants. I grew up there. and it still fulfills a different need than the others. can't explain it, just different flavors that I long for...in addition to the best and most unique chips and salsa around (vinegary), the fresh yellow squash tomato and cheese soup..the california enchilada...the cheese enchilladas, and anything with their machaca (spicy shredded beef)...Mmmm. I think I may have to make a special trip this weekend.

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                I agree. I'm no expert on the cuisine, but my memories of the TF (I was somewhat of a regular 10+ years ago) are of a friendly, family-run place with good, wholesome food. I, too, always enjoyed the carne machaca. At one point they changed it to a machaca burrito, but you just had to order it 'the old way' and it came on a plate with tortillas on the side.