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Jul 19, 2006 07:32 PM

ratings are overrated

if a place has a C...who cares! ive noticed some of the better food comes from places that have C and B ratings. if its that dirty they would be shut down. so my question you guys really care about the rating. if you go to a restuarant and notice a C rating, do you go somewhere else?

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  1. I don't think I am alone when I say that a C rating at a sushi place makes me worried - worried enough so that I seek my toro elsewhere.

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    1. re: igj

      i'm there with you. if the place is a sushi joint, then i'd think twice if they broadcast a C on their window. however for pretty much any other cooked cuisine, i will not hesitate having a meal there.

      as the adage goes, C = chinese food. :D

      i figure if i love eating at vendor stalls in asia, then there is no need to be distressed about ratings in CA.

    2. Depends on the cuisine -- anything that may involved raw/rare stuff, I'd opt for a B or better (preferably A). But I agree that sometimes C-rated restaurants do serve some pretty nice stuff. And I had some pretty great fish tacos in SD/TJ hole-in-the-walls, which I'm sure would be a B/C by LA County ratings.

      For the really nitpicky, the bigger factor may be what exactly the sub-par restaurants were cited for-- which you can find out at ( ). As a former foodservice worker, my big peeve is any restaurant that would let their food sit in the "danger zone" (40-140F) for long periods of time (exception being things like slow-roasted beef, which is heated around 135 I believe)

      1. Remember, a restaurant can lose points for a broken tile, a seal on a refrigerator needing replacement even if the temperature is okay. It can lose points for the soda machile nozzles not being clean, many thing, including miss handling of food.

        1. i thought you were talking about the characters here rating restos-everyones a food critic it appears.....

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          1. re: dano

            This is was originally in the Los Angeles Boards -- and the Ratings were a fairly recent concept (following CBS's investigation of dirty restaurants in 2000 I think, which prompted the health board to start a system for restaurants to post "grades" indicating adherence to health & safety standards. Of course, even restaurants with a "C" (technically passing) grade may get away with some pretty grotesque stuff, as indicated below... presence of rodents, etc.)

          2. I may be in the minority, but I do really care about the ratings. I would never eat at a sushi place without an A, and a non-sushi place with worse than a B (would prefer A even for non-sushi, but would be willing to eat at a B). Yes, it's true that you can get down to a B with just little things, as Burger Boy suggested. But conversely, you can still get a B even if you have a cockroach infestation, or improperly refrigerated food, if most other things are ok. I agree with AquaW that it really matters what the restaurant is cited for. But if I am just walking in, and I don't know what the lower rating is for, I will seriously just keep on walking. Besides, with so many great restaurants in L.A., I feel that I can have both excellent food AND an excellent rating--I don't see a need to compromise.

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            1. re: Nicole

              I just looked at the ratings site AquaW suggested to check out some places in my area. And I have to say, I felt pretty good about my aversion to low ratings. Example: Szechwan Restaurant, located near me in Manhattan Beach, has a B. Doesn't seem too bad, right? Then I look at the site and see that they had 10 different violations, including employees not washing their hands and rodents. I may be squeamish, but yuck! And they still get a B rating! Why would I eat there when there are so many other chinese restaurants around with A ratings? Just an example to illustrate my point.