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Downtown Toronto Challenge! - Cheap Snacks ($3 and under preferred)

So I find myself between lunch and dinner time every day at work hankering for a snack. I don't want to eat a big meal cause that would spoil dinner.

I find myself with the same choices all the time. Hot Dog/Sausage. Ice cream. Patty. Bring my own instant noodles.

I'm near Skydome so walking to Queen or King is easy. If I was closer to where I live I'd totally go for my favourite Mutton Rolls but I don't know anyone who sells those close by.

Any suggestions as to what cheap snacks I should try?

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  1. if you don't mide a little bit more of a walk, you can go to alberts real jamaican foods and queen and bathurst and get a couple of doubles. they are $1.50 each and i think that they are the best doubles in the city. or if you want to do a short walk up to china town you can choose from a variety of siagon sub shops for $1.50-$2.00. furama bakery in china town has some good sweet snacks for cheap too (try the taro buns)

    1. There's also a Furama bakery under First Canadian Place or Urban bakery in Metro Hall for those tasty chinese buns.

      1. Sorry for my ignorance, but what's a double?

        Oh I forgot to mention I'm kinda tired of Chinese buns and stuff too as I usually bring those to work for breakfast.

        But the doubles thing sounds interesting. Are there any other ethnic bakeries near Skydome that sell cheap goodies?

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          A double is a west indian snack, curry chickpeas (kind of saucy) put between two small light roti style rounds. the rounds are a little fluffier than a roti shell, hard to describe but believe me, once you try one you will never go back!

        2. Your challenge is a worthy one, unfortunately I don't know the area of your workplace very well.

          Outside that area, I would suggest Coconut Grove (Dundas & University), Kim Moon (Dundas & Spadina), Yung Sing (Baldwin), the aforementioned Banh Mi shops, Chinese Traditional Buns (Dundas & Spadina), Mother's Dumplings (Huron & Dundas).

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            What does Coconut Grove sell?

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              Rotis ($3-6), doubles (I think they're $2), small and large dinners (small jerk chicken is only $2.50!), and this winter they expanded into East Indian too: tandoori, butter chicken, biryani.

              Coconut Grove is good home cooking, sometimes a little bland, but solid W.I. comfort.

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                Ok, this place sounded so good I went for lunch today! Yummy and cheap just want the doctor ordered!!!! For the original poster, the servings are probably just right for a snack, although the rotis are pretty big. Enjoy!

          2. Am curious about your "favourite mutton rolls". Would love to know where you go for the best.

            1. Not sure how far you are willing to walk, but St. Lawrence Market has tons of good stuff to try. Some ideas off the top of my head - fresh fruit (some places have it pre-cut), a small piece of cheese and/or meat (i.e. proscuitto), something sweet from one of the bakeries, sushi, ice cream/frozen yogurt, or for something more substantial, you could go for the famous pemeal sandwich from Carousel.

              1. Walk up Spadina to Fresh for a smoothie, baked goods and/or sweet potato fries.

                1. go to Hal Burger for happy hour 3-6PM and get either a mini burger, fries or onions rings for $1

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                      Hal Burger is at Adelaide and Duncan, on the North-West corner.

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                      How big is a mini burger. I can't imagine their $1 burger when their regular ones cost $15.

                    3. Croissants (especially fresh from the oven) at Clafouti (915 Queen West, across from Bellwoods Park). Buttery and delicious at a buck and a quarter each. Try a gigantic savoury croissant, like the asparagus and cheese, for $2.95.

                      1. There is a really cheap pizza joing on the concourse level inside Union Station that sells pizza slices for $1 - yeap that's right, a loonie can get you a pizza slice. I have never tried it yet, but I've often seen long line-ups there.

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                          Yes the pizza place in union does have dollar slices, but u must spend at least $2 (slice and a pop or 2 slices). Cheap nonetheless.