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BBQ joints in TO - not just southern... looking for Other options.

I'm looking for new and intriging BBQ choices. from all ethnicities.

Places I've tried to date.
Phil's BBQ - College St. I thought it was a little overated
Back Alley Grill in Kensington. - Smokey Goodness! silk road BBQ dishes.

What else is out there. What did you like and/or dislike about it.

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  1. I keep meaning to go to Phil's bbq, as I've heard good things, that's too bad it's overrated, will probably get down there at least once. No one seems to hold a match to my own bbq though ;-)

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      My wife is from Memphis and gives it the thumbs up. She still thinks the stuff in the south is better but is able to call Phil's bbq "Authentic"


    2. This topic has been discussed many times and the only honest response is that nothing in Toronto rates anywhere near the best in North America.
      Personally, I haven't been back to Phil's - once was barely OK but not worth a repeat visit.
      My favourite is the dry-rub ribs at Universal Grill (Dupont and Shaw). They also have 'wet ribs' that my nephew (a chef) prefers.
      Both served with Yam fries and about $23 for a serving (with taxes).
      Great neighbourhood place.

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        I agree with everything you say. DiPalmo's is about the same level as Phil's. Edible, but that's about it.

      2. I would suggest Dipamo's (eglington and yonge area) It's been over a year since I've been but enjoyed it. Lately I've been going to the various ribfests around the area Mississauga's is this weekend, several good places at these events.

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          Dipamo's is long gone - and not missed.

        2. Dipamo's was quite lacking. Phils is ok. Universal Grill is ok. For the most part TO lacks a real rib joint. Though if you are ever in Paris, Ontario (or feel like a road trip) check out Camp 31. Great ribs for this side of the border.

          1. Baton Rouge has great ribs - very meaty, tender and falling off the bone. And their frites are also quite tasty - thin and crispy with an addictive spice/salt mix generously applied. Mashed potatoes are also good - these taste very rustic, with lots of lumps, and real bacon bits added in for extra flavour (it works). Portions are massive - you will get a rack and half for dinner and a full rack for the lunch sized portion. The North York location (on Yonge north of Sheppard) has better decor and service than the downtown/Eaton's Centre location - and even provides free parking, which is rare in that neighbourhood.

            Prefer Baton Rouge to Phil's Original for ribs - but Phil's pulled pork is fabulous, and the closest thing you will get to authentic southern BBQ in Toronto.

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              BR's ribs are only good. The thing is, lots of places make good ribs. It's not worth it based on the service you get.


              1. This won't fall under the traditional slow-n-low definition of BBQ as it is more likely grilled meat, but here you go...

                Try the BBQ pork skewers at Remely's, a Filipino place in Scarborough. 4830 Sheppard Avenue East, (416) 609-9661

                I don't know what kind of cut of
                pork it is, but they're tender, and have a very tasty sweet and tangy glaze. Not too dry, not too runny. Just make sure you get them newly cooked. Sometimes, they serve leftovers from another night and you can tell.

                  1. If you are looking for a non-North American alternative, try some Bal Kal Bee (spelling may not be correct) at any number of Korean restaurants in the GTA. These highly-marinated and grilled beef short ribs are very tasty indeed. A bonus with Korean food is the tremendous amount of condiments. Have fun!

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                      Mmmm....I love Korean BBQ, especially kalbi ribs. I don't know where the "best" kalbi is, but I like the ones at Ninth Gate (Wang cut) and Korea House (666 Bloor). It probably goes without saying that the southern BBQ at Phil's and Memphis is disappointing to anyone who has eaten BBQ in the southern US. Nobody up here (not even in Clarence, NY where I went for BBQ last week) can make juicy, smoky pulled pork. It's always too dry or flavourless around here. However, I like Phil's ribs.

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                        Yummy, I just went to Ninth Gate for lunch and I agree the kalbi ribs are awesome. Pulled pork at Phil's, mouth watering...

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                          You don't find the pulled pork at Phil's dry?

                    2. Great BBQ ribs (not southern) can be found at Barberians Steak House. They are fantastic - charbroiled and meaty.

                      1. Chinese roasted pork and barbeque pork. Sooooo good from a good place. Ask for "boon fay sau".. it's the best piece!

                        Churrasco and roast pork, from portugese butchers