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Jul 19, 2006 06:45 PM

romantic resto at yonge/davisville/mt.pleasant

I want to take my boyfriend to a romantic restaurant in the area - romantic for us is good food, mood lighting and candles. Any thoughts of restaurants on mt. pleasant or bayview around davisville/eglinton?

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  1. Across The Road on Mt. Pleasant south of Eglinton on the east side. It's a small cozy place, low lighting, good food, not too expensive and not very noisy.

    1. I like Celestin on Mt. Pleasant, near Davisville (at Manor Road maybe?)

      1. Personally, I find that great food, ambiance and service are the perfect launch to a romantic evening. For that, I highly recommend Zucca. You likely won't find a dark, candle-lit niche for canoodling, but you won't risk an evening that is ruined by bad food or bad service either. If you tell them what you are looking for when you call for a res, they may be able to give you a table that offers more privacy.

        If however, you are looking to dress up and really do it up right, than I would go further north and head to Auberge du Pommier (just south of the 401 on Yonge).

        1. Zee Grill has a lovely romantic nook a/k/a their back covered patio. Nothin' says lovin like oysters in an intimate room. It's more neighbourhood resto than destination spot, but I've always enjoyed going there over the years.

          641 Mt. Pleasant Rd. walking distance south of Eglinton, but generally adequate metered parking right nearby.