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Jul 19, 2006 06:35 PM

Neptune Oyster Lunch today

While looking at rooms in the north end for the function I have been asking for advice on we went to Neptune for lunch today. Having read many posts about their warm lobster roll, and loving lobster rolls, I had to have it.

My DC had the warm lobster roll as well alongside a tuna salad that looked incredible.

The rolls showed up with perfectly salted fries on an amazingly tasty bun (brioche I think). The rolls were over flowing with lobster and for $19 looked to be just as good a deal as other places.

THANKS HOUNDS!!!! My suspect feeling was certainly converted into a full belief of the tasty warm butter lobster roll.

Followed up lunch with an espresso and 1/2 canolli at the newly redone modern for the perfect lunchtime get-away from the office.

DaveB (formely Tzonis)

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  1. Well done. Sounds ideal.

    About what time were you there? Was it busy? I have been itching to get over there but I fear arriving after the wiser masses for dinner so lunch could be a solution.