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Party venues for 150 people

In need of Chowhounder help!

I've just been nominated to find a venue for my firm's holiday party. Any hidden treasures? We're looking to host a dinner-dance for 150 people in either San Francisco or Berkeley/Oakland. Great food and beautiful views a plus. We were spoiled last year when we had a luncheon at the Casa Madrona in Sausalito on a beautiful, warm December day.

Have already checked out the following locations:
Asian Art Museum
The Waterfront Restaurant

Thanks in advance!

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  1. I've heard the Oakland Zoo is fabulous with a view.

      1. I recently held my wedding reception for about 100 people in the private room at the Cliff House.The view was spectacular and we have received tons of compliments on the food, particularly the blue cheese salade and the filet mignon. I was frankly quite surprised by how good the food was. The wine list is also excellent, though expensive. I am not certain that the room can hold that many people for dinner and dancing, though they may have larger spaces available.

        1. The Carnelian Room has a great view....too bad the food is mediocre.
          I believe that you can host an event at the Davis Symphony Hall. The SF Zoo is another interesting venue

          1. The Hearbst Theater has a Green Room that is beautiful and has big doors that open onto a patio looking right into city hall. very nice, and not too big. maybe a little pricey.

            also Kelly's Mission Rock is at 817 China Basin Way (or maybe Terry B Francois way - something like that). They have three or so areas and they all have huge windows looking out on the bay. and big patios with heaters. it is a really neat building. although i might get it catered by someone else, the food is so-so.

            1. Although I only ate there once, I always thought I'd like to use Zazoo in Oakland near Jack London Square for an event. It is right on the water, has a dance floor and a great music system and plenty of parking.

              It is mainly American food but with some Afgahni food like kebobs.


              Outdoor activities in December like zoos have the risk of being rained on. Along that line though, one of the best Christmas parties was on a Hornblower Yacht. The food wasn't memorable ... bad or good ... but I thought the whole experience of cruising around the Bay was really pleasant. We lucked out and the Bay was calm with no rain.

              I hope that whatever you choose, you will report back. It will help others like you looking to host a large event.

              1. I went to a private party once at the Cable Car Museum. One of the best parties I've ever attended. Great food, drinks, lighting and the acoustics were awesome.

                  1. Another museum type venue that is great for parties is the Maritime Museum in Aquatic Park in SF. New Zealand Trade and Enterprise did an event there a few years back when the international BIO meeting was in SF. Really classy, great venue right on the Bay.