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Jul 19, 2006 06:04 PM

Fresh Boudin Noir or even Black Pudding

Anyone know of anyplace in the bay area where I can find places that serve fresh boudin noir or englis black pudding? If not, are there any butcher shops or grocery stores that sells them in the bay area?


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  1. Fatted Calf makes the best blood sausage I've had in the area. Best to special-order it in advance.

    I've found up to half a dozen varieties, both local and imported, at Spanish Table in Berkeley.

    1. I had a wonderful boudin noir at Brigette's in Santa Clara. The owner mentioned that she could order it and sell it to customers if they wanted. Not sure where she gets it from.

      I also remember seeing it on Polarica's price list.

        1. South Park Café frequently has it on the menu; I don't know if it's house made or bought from a supplier, but it's quite good.

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            There were a couple of reports last year that South Park was serving Fatted Calf's.

          2. I agree. Fabrique Delice sells at the Vallco Farmer's Mkt (Fridays) and Santana Row F's Mkt (Sundays).