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Anyone know where to buy injera or better yet make it?

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  1. Hello,

    I haven't ventured into making injera but have been to a few good Ethiopian restaurants that I am sure would let you take out a few orders:

    Addis Ababa on Queen West around Dufferin
    A new one on College around Bathurst that I can't remember the name of-sorry!


    1. There's a few places on the South Side of Danforth, East of Pape. Surprisingly, one is a Greek Butcher - I can't remember the name, but you can see the injera in the front window.

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        It's Mr. Greek butcher that carries it.

      2. There's a newish place in Kensington Market. They do a great deal of takeout orders, and would definitely sell you some. It's on Kensington Ave, just across from Global Cheese.

        I've had friends try to make it, and apparently it's quite difficult to do so.


        1. Hmm...making it? I can't help you there, sorry.

          However, I've purchased injera before at the following stores:
          -Piassa Injera (Dundas E at Jarvis; been a year or two, can't guarantee that it's still open)
          -forget the name, convenience store (on Esplanade just at George Street)
          -Harbour Green Farms (Queens Quay West at Bathurst)

          1. Holly St. (Yonge and Eglinton). There's a small convenience store, just around the corner from the Starbucks on Eglinton.

            1. Take the subway to Ossington and Bloor, and walk east to Christie. There are plenty of Ethiopian spots along there, and I betcha they'll have injera somewhere. Take note that proper injera (made from keff) is beige/brown. The white stuff is made primarily with wheat, I was told. If the stores come up empty, go to Lalibela restaurant: I know for sure they use keff and they're super friendly. They'd probably sell you a basket.


              1. I haven't tried this personally, but here's a recipe from CITY-TV Vancouver for what it's worth.

                I would normally recommend searching the US or Canadian Food Network sites since they're great free cookbooks & don't invade your computer. They don't have everything though.

                1. I have answered my own question. Found some yesterday on W Queen..south side a few blocks west of Cowan. Small market.

                  1. Ethiopan Spices at 160 Baldwin in Kensington Market carries the tef flour and injera recipes. (They also sell wonderful injera.)