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Jul 19, 2006 05:56 PM

restaurants in etobicoke

I recently moved to the lakeshore and islington area, and have yet to find decent restaurants. I was hoping someone could offer suggestions on Indian, Thai and other cuisines that stuck out.

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  1. a penny for Kaji Sushi. Just around the corner from you. (860 The Queensway, 416-252-2166

    You are close to California Sandwiches too (1603 The Queensway, 416-201-7392).

    1. If you're looking for a nice French restaurant, try Merlot at Royal York and Bloor. There are actually quite a few nice spots on Bloor between Islington and Royal York, so if you're willing to trek a bit North, I suggest you go there - there's a good selection of Thai places, Greek, a French Bakery and a lot more.

      1. It's a great and upcoming area you just moved to. I have lived south of lakeshore for more than 4 years now and have had the same problem as you are experiencing. Here's my list of places we frequent that are close, but not necessarily in the hood. Of note, however, on the north west corner of lakeshore and 8th, (the old polish village), there will be a new traditional french bistro, looking forward to that in a few weeks.

        Otherwise, for the time being, here is where we go for good food that kinda close.

        For Greek - head west on the lakeshore to Collossus in Port Credit - best authentic greek in Ontario

        For Indian - A bit of a drive or street car, but Shala-mar on Roncevalles in high park is your best bet. Go past Mt. everest in mimico- food is overpriced and poor consistency.

        For Pub - head to the kingsway and check out Henry the 8th, on the north side of Bloor just west of Royal York.

        Thai - The cozy thai on lakeshore between 10th and 11th - Authentic thai, excellent food, not greasy or fried all the time like some other places.

        The albatros next to the cozy thai is alright, heavy polish bar, so i'm sure the polish food is good, the rest is passable for a pub and the beer is cold, mostly eastern euro beers.

        For Brunch - head to Rocket fuel for a fancy brunch (it's on the south east corner of islington and lakeshore, service is slow but the food is excellent.

        For a greasy spoon - the lucky dice on the corner of 5th and lakeshore- looks a bit dodgy from the outside, is a bit on the inside, but aren't all good greasy spoons. It's quite large in the back and familly safe unlike the other places I have not mentioned on the strip.

        Enjoy the neighborhood.

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          Ugh. Just had dinner at Cozy Thai on Lakeshore (south side) and it's just plain awful. The decor is lovely and the service is terrific, but the food is hopeless. Three "3 C" crab cakes were huge and crispy, but dry rubbery filling implied pollock instead of flaky crab. Dipping sauce (sweet chili) was excellent, thankfully. "Chinese sausage" fried rice actually contained Thai "sausage" reminiscent of firm tofu cubes, but made with chicken and pork. This has to be the worst fried rice ever - I knew not to expect Chinese-style fried rice, but this was disappointing and wierdly flavoured and textured. Also tried the pad mama (special egg noodles instead of rice stick) with chicken, a huge mistake, as the chicken was horribly overcooked with less-than-firm broccoli. At least the spiciness covered a multitude of sins. Both the noodle and rice dish contain sliced carrot, and they insist on garnishing every dish with a pile of grated carrot.

          Ginger tea ($2.50 for a small pot, no refills) was excellent.

          I'm never going back! Incidentally, when asked if any dishes are "authentic", the server launched into a huge speech about "authentic" meaning 15-years-ago-Thailand, versus food found today in Thailand which is not consistent from place to place. He kept emphasizing their slogan "same but different" to show Cosy Thai's creativity and huge selection of dishes not found elsewhere in Toronto (e.g. no ketchup in their pad thai).

          1. re: Food Tourist

            Cozy Thai's slogan is "alike but different". They are at 3039 Lakeshore West. Crab cakes $6.95 for 3 hamburger-sized patties, Pad Mama with chicken $9.95, and Chinese sausage fried rice $8.95.

          2. Sorry, forgot one fabulous place if you like seafood and creole. Go to Sammy's on Lakeshore in Long branch. 3409 Lakeshore west. Walk in and ask to sit in the back, the back of the place is set up like the French quarter and has great food and better service.

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            1. re: TCB

              Thanks very much for the replies. I will have to try a few of these and get a full report back.

              Incidentally, I have been to Via Allegro Ristorante. Fine Italian place around queensway and browns line, very good wine tasting menu.

              1. re: TCB

                I second Sammy's. Great for seafood (try the shrimp etoufee) and it's quite reasonable.

              2. San Remo Bakery on Royal York Road has a great Italian steam table (lunch only). Best espresso too. Don't forget to try a raised doughnut, I remember the coconut ones in particular.