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Jul 19, 2006 05:53 PM

Driving from NYC to Bow Lake Estates in Strafford, NH

I am taking CT 15 to I-84 to I-90 to 290 to 495N.
Any ideas on a real cute, nice place to eat on my 6 hour drive? Someplace cute, homey - not some fast food stop.
Also, if anyone knows a nice restaurant in Strafford, that would be great.

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  1. There's a good Jewish deli in Worcester called Weintraub's, at the Kelly Square exit as you go through town on 290. It looks like time stopped in about 1940 and the pastrami is hand cut and not too lean. Much better than Rein's in Vernon.

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      Duranie70? As in Duran Duran? Do I know you? Do you post at too funny if you do- maybe we know each other in an alternate universe! I live relatively near Strafford but don't know anywhere to eat ther- we usually just stop at Dunkin Donuts!

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        Yes, I'm a duranie, I'm on Myspace. I have posted on both those links. I can go to Dunkin Donuts anywhere so I won't be visiting that establishment. I'm going to a family reunion in Strafford. My cousin asked me to bring NYC bagels so I'll be first stopping at H&H.

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        Thank you , that sounds really nice!

      3. You won't be far from Johnson's Dairy Bar in Northwood NH. It was a favorite stop between Concord and Durham back in the day then went downhill under new owners. In the past few years with another set of new owners it is back to being a favorite. Good place for a lobster roll and fried seafood. The ice cream window is always busy and portions are huge.
        Concord NH has three places that make their own ice cream: Granite State Candy on Warren Street, Ballard Novelties in McKee Square, and Arnie's on Loudon Rd. Whoops, you didn't ask about ice cream ... but if you need a treat on your way north, just after you pass Manchester/Merrimack river on Rt 293, take the exit for Rt 3A (you'll also avoid the toll booth in Hooksett). Look for Merrivale's on your left. They make their own ice cream. You can continue on Rt 3A and get back on at Exit 12 but if you're in a hurry and want to pay a 50 cent toll, get on at exit 11.
        An alternate, more scenic route we use is go I-84 to I-91 up to VT, get off on Rt 9 in Keene and head to Concord that way. The only bad thing is you're on a state hwy mostly 50mph until you get to Rt 89. I remain convinced however that it's the quickest route from Hartford to Concord and completely eliminates going thru the traffic around Nashua. Friday nights are always slow on Rt 93N.

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          Lobster Rolls! YAY! Thank you for the recommendation. I'm sure we'll stop for ice cream too.