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Jul 19, 2006 05:48 PM



so where are the Ottawa boards now. I can't find a single post about Ottawa or Gatineau.

  1. technically ottawa posts should be here, but there might be old ones from before the changeover on the canada board (if you so a search) as they may have not moved them all over.

    1. Great to see you! Yes, this is the place for Ottawa posts. The other regular Ottawa hounds must be on vacation or something since the changeover.

      1. Actually, I like the old Ottawa board. Ottawa deserves one for its own. It is harder for me to find the reviews since they are buried by the Toronto ones.

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        1. re: Oscar Academy

          i also like the old board too. i can't find any recent postings for ottawa, would love to see ottawa have its own board.

        2. Do we have to start a petition? Or maybe a letter writing campaign? Ottawa totally deserves its own board. I would post more if it did...

          1. I second this motion; Ottawa needs its own board. Even if Toronto had it's own board and there was a <rest of Ontario> board, I'd be happy.