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Jul 19, 2006 05:41 PM

sushi place on Melrose

There's a place people talk about on the board that is on Melrose, just west of La Brea. Is it Azami? Could anyone tell me a bit more about it, thinking about checking it out tomorrow with two friends who are sushi fiends like me...thanks!

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  1. Quite good, not great, very busy from 7-9 (9 or 9:30 is last call). Reasonably priced. Two women sushi chefs -- a highly unusual and nice thing to see...barriers broken down, I mean.

    For higher quality, prices, fish assortment and more traditional sushi (in a non-crowded and as-yet-undiscovered gem) try Sushi Zo on National.

    1. it's great, yes, azami it is, good sushi, interesting sauces (not to be confused with roll stuff), great female chefs (unique in sushidom), and not terribly pricey, not cheap though. think on at least 50 per. omakase is the way to go, great crab handrolls, really good blue fin toro. as good if not better than the toro at sushi zo.

      and not really trendy, it's actually very good food for the melrose shopping district strip, which is not really that known for really good food.

      1. wow, we sent that out at the same time. almost you beat me though.

        1. We ate there -- omakase -- one Saturday early evening, and WOW! It was perhaps one of the best dinners we have had! I know this is a lot to live up to, but there are two women chefs/owners, and I think they do best if you just let them serve you at the bar. Let them know if there is anything that you don't care for, and then just relax and enjoy!

          Their fish was really fresh and clean (one of the chefs grew up in the business because her dad was a fish dealer -- need I say more?). We began with a cut lobster roll -- memorable! Every item was amazing! We did request one piece each so that we would be able to taste more of their offerings, and we were extremely satisfied when we were done. It will run you about $40-$50/pp (before drinks, tax, gratuity), but I do think it is WELL worthwhile.

          The service was pleasant, the space is clean, and the chefs are quite friendly and welcoming!

          Please do post your experience...I'm drooling!

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          1. re: liu

            Did you bring your Yuzu Chili Paste with you?

            Or do they have their own there?

            1. re: JBC

              JBC - very, VERY funny!!! Actually, next time I will take a yuzu fruit from the tree we just planted (San Gabriel Nursery has them!). You can imagine, I was so jazzzzed to find one!

              Ok, back to the point -- yes, Azami has yuzu chili paste! They do take a lot of time to "top" their orders with interesting flavors!

          2. The only negative I have found is that it can be VERY, VERY hard to get the attention of a sushi chef when sitting at the bar during dinner. They seem over burdened with take-out orders and table orders the (weeknights) I have been (I wouldn't even consider a weekend). My friends and I have resorted to writing our orders down and handing them to the chef and taking things as they come. Not ideal but workable.

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            1. re: Ciao Bob

              Ciao Bob -- we try to go to sushi bars just after they open on Saturday evening. We have found everything fresh, clean and ready, but they are usually not crowded yet and we have all the attention of the chefs who are ready for the night. We enter at 5:30 or 6:00'ish, and by 7:30 we are usually done.