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Jul 19, 2006 05:38 PM

Perisan Mulberries at Circle C - dynamite.

Pure heavenly bliss. Tried it for the 1st time today at Circle C, there are a whole bunch there, like maybe even close to a hundred or so little plastic boxes. Each at 10 a pop, but it is filled to the brim.

Sweet, tart, jammy at times. Supremely delicious stuff. Like the best fucking blackberries you've ever tried, berries that have gone to heaven and arrived back on earth.

I can't even right coherent sentences at this point. But anyways, get there, soon, you probably have a hour before it might sell out.

And I think this is a really good week for the Persian mulberries, because Circle C lined so many on the table and even another stand is also selling them at the market.

Wow, I'm gonna stop now.

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  1. Is this a SM Farmer's Market seller?

    1. Circle C is at SM Farmer's Market on Wednesdays [not sure about Saturdays but I think they are there] and at Hollywood on Sundays. At the Hollywood market, they are just above the middle of the market on the east side of the street.

      Haven't tried the mulberries but they had lovely cherries.

      I'm glad to see them back. They are also the only farmer's market source for quinces that I know. A few years ago, one of the owners died and they stopped coming to the market. Christmas was NOT the same.

      1. yeah, sm arizona and 2nd or 3rd, wednesday./

        1. I bought 2 boxes of mulberries today from Circle C @ $10/box. As far as I could tell they are the only vendors of the berries at the Wed. market and they were not there last Saturday. They said there is one more week for them (as I remember). All I can say is they are worth the price--they are that much better than any other berry you have ever tasted IMO. They were on Arizona just west of 3rd on the north side of the street. Once you've tasted Persian mulberries, you are a convert...

          1. yeah, they also moved their location more up east along arizona.

            they are great.

            and there was at least one other vendor there today, but i didn't buy from that venodor, a little bit more east of circle c on the other side. here it was also 10 bucks a pop.