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Jul 19, 2006 05:30 PM

Bonefish grill

Recently opened one in my area. I've heard really good things but would love to hear opinions from the 'hounds.

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  1. I like Bonefish. I love the bang-bang shrimp and I usually get the salmon with the fruit salsa (can't remember the exact name of it).

    1. The bang-bang shrimp was a little too spicy for me, but I really enjoyed the Pistachio Parmesan Crusted Rainbow Trout with the staff-recommended Potatoes Au Gratin side.

      1. I love everything about Bonefish Grill.... I usually get the Chillian Sea Bass with Asian sauce-wow-is it good, with the Au Gratin Potatoes.....

        1. Went to the Bonefish Grill (up North in KC) a few months ago and was pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it. We had excellent service. The waiter told me about a Roquefort sauce that was not on the menu and I thought it was pretty darn good (on swordfish). My husband loved the Asian sauce (with Sea Bass - I think?). My kids loved the Bang Bang Shrimp and Calamari. I thought they were adequate.

          1. i have not been yet but the new bonefish in detroit (sterling heights) got a very nice writeup in the paper. kind of shocked me since its in the same family as outback steakhouse.

            by the way, they put the bonefish on one side of a large stand alone building (in the ring around lakeside mall) and on they other side, they opened their other concept - cheeseburger in paradise which is a partnership between outback and jimmy buffett's maragaritaville holdings co. kind of like a red robin amped up on buffett songs and parrot heads (pass the tequila to dull my headache...)