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Jul 19, 2006 05:28 PM

Sunday Dinner in August?

I'll be visiting Montreal next month. I had hoped to take friends to dinner at Joe Beef. Unfortunately, they're closed all of August! I have another dinner set up at Ferreira. I'd like something comparable, where else would you suggest for a Sunday night dinner?


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  1. Many restaurants are closed on Sunday nights. I know Leméac (on Laurier), Jolifou (on Beaubien East) and Cafe Via Dante (in Little Italy) are all open Sunday nights and are all very good. My personal favourite being Le Jolifou for its unpretentious atmosphere, inventive cuisine and excellent wine list. I've also heard that Milos does a special table d'hôte on Sunday nights for about 35$. Maybe worth checking out.

    1. Pied de Cochon is also open on Sundays.