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Jul 19, 2006 05:03 PM

Pitted nicoise olives?

I'm looking for a purveyor of pitted nicoise olives in the Chicago area (actually western 'burbs -- La Grange). Trader Joe's has 'em with pits, and they're nearly the only place I've found that has any at all.


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  1. I've occasionally wondered myself if there were pitted nicoise olives around. Treasure Island & Whole Foods in Chicago have Nicoise Olives with pits. Check to see if they have them pitted. They're great to cook with and of couse eat.
    Good luck.

    1. If I find any, I'll let you know. I knew they have 'em with pits at Whole Foods. That's the only place besides Trader Joe's that I've been able to find any at all.

      This is strange because I keep running across recipes calling for them pitted.

      1. Nicoise olives are not available pitted. They are cured with their pits. Because they are such a small olive, they will not hold its' shape when pitted.

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        1. re: PBSF

          What you say makes sense, in terms of their size, but it is incorrect apparently. An on-line place called the "Kosher Depot" has them. Here's the link:

          This isn't even a bad price, $19/2kg. That's about $5/lb. I've certainly paid more. But I'm not sure I want that many nicoise olives in my pantry! (Not to mention that shipping would probably be $10.


          What I really want is to find the kind of store in my area that carries this sort of outre item. But maybe I'll just have to get used to the idea of mail order for such things.

          1. re: David Potts

            Olive pitters go a long way.

            And just because there are people who supply them pitted doesn't contradict was PBSF said.

            Your better off finding larger but similiar olives because they will be pitted like farga aragons or ligurians (black) both of which are available at Fox & Obel which I think has the best olive bar in Chicago.

            The Fox & Obel olive bar has over 20 varieties (but they change per season/month/week depending).

            1. re: SKing

              Not to seem petty, but I would have to say that if someone says they are not available pitted, and in fact they are, that it would seem to be a contradiction. Could there be a greater contradiction?

              1. re: YoYoPedro

                Very good point. But to be charitable, I suppose that SKing was saying that one might want to find a substitute olive instead of the nicoise, something larger that will still hold its shape when pitted. However, substituting is what I do already (having no choice)...

                Anyway, it was good to hear about Fox & Obel. That sounds like a great place. They are at 401 E. Illinois, close to Navy Pier. (312) 410-7301. Not exactly my neighborhood, but I do get down there once in a while.

                Suggestions further west, anybody?

        2. I know this isn't west - apologies - but I was just at the Whole Foods at Deerfield & Waukegan (in Deerfield) earlier today & their olive bar definitely has pitted nicoise olives. I know because I personally sampled one!

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          1. re: beth525

            Aha!! I've only looked on the shelves at Whole Foods, not their olive bar. Which I didn't even know they had. Excellent suggestion! There are a couple of different Whole Foods locations that accessible to me, though a bit of a hike. I will definitely give that a try. Thanks!