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Jul 19, 2006 04:58 PM

good drunk food near Geary & Jones?

attending an event down in the area tonight and will probably want to grab some quick, cheap grub afterwards. i know Lahore Karahi is right there, and i'm definitely considering going there, but i wouldn't mind exploring another option if anyone has any suggestions. the event ends around 9pm.

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  1. Thai House Express at Geary and Larkin is open late as is Bang San Thai at 550 Jones and O'Farrell. Also, there are a variety of Indian and Pakistani places down that way.

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      1. Katana-Ya (on Geary across from ACT)is open until 2:00 every night and I think their sushi is really good. It's basic and super fresh and the people that work there are really friendly. There are some other mentions on the board about their ramen being quite good too.

        Pearl's Burgers is on Post and Jones and they're open 'til 10:00 M-Th. I haven't tried it but my BF gave it a thumbs up.

        I know a lot of hounds have dissed Osha Thai Noodle on Geary and Leavenworth, but I will say that I've had a few awesome drunken noodle feasts (I was drunk, not the noodles) there. The Pad Se Ew (sp) with chicken is really good. Wide rice noodles, Chinese broccoli, a little bean gravy all seared on high heat to get that good browning on the noodle.

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          Re: Osha Thai Noodle, they make an awesome deep fried chicken breast filet over fried rice (make sure you get it over the rice, and not the more expensive a la carte version). Guaranteed to get you well back on the road to sobriety after a night of drinking. Osha's open until 3AM, but they have this unfortunate habit of running out of the fried chicken over fried rice before then.

        2. Tajine Moroccan is also at Jones, just below Geary. Not sure how late they're open.

          I love Thai House Express.

          1. i ended up going to Lahore. nothing like spicy lamb vindaloo and fresh hot pillowy naan when yer intoxicated.

            thanks for all the recos. i'll have to try some of them next time in that hood.