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Jul 19, 2006 04:44 PM

Authenic, cheap, Hawaiian in Oahu North Shore

Can anyone help me with suggestions for yummy, non touristy, authentic, hole in the wall Hawaiian or Philipino food near the North Shore in Oahu.


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  1. If you search North Shore you will get some great older threads. But I'm making a big list for my upcoming trip, and don't recall much in the way of Hawaiian or Philipino food. I know there's a Thai restaurant and a sushi bar in Haleiwa that some people like. Otherwise the recs are usually Ku Aina for burgers; all the various shrimp trucks, especially Romy's; Uncle Bobo's for BBQ and the Mexican place in Haleiwa. The only Hawaiian I remember in Haleiwa was L & L which tends to get pretty bad reviews. And Ted's Bakery for the pies.

    1. try the grass skirt grill in haleiwa. great food at great prices.

        1. I have the perfect place for you:

          Papa Ole's Kitchen on the North Shore

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            not an incredible amount of traditional hawaiian food on north shore, but i'll go ahead and second pap ole's in la'ie. havent had much there, but their loco moco is huge and quite tasty. 3 scoops rice, 2 nicely seasoned, perfectly medium burgers (at least a quarter pound each - at least!), a really flavorful gravy, and 3 eggs however you'd like 'em. quite good. wish it had mushroom or onions with it, though