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Jul 19, 2006 04:34 PM

In hicksville ny indian chow for a beginner,,,,,,,,,,, or good chinese

will be staying in hicksville this weekend any rec's for an Indian restaurant and what to eat second choice would be Chinese (cantonese)thankyou

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  1. Rangmahal in Hicksville is really good. My wife grew up on LI and has been going there for a while.

    (354 Commack Rd, Hicksville 516-942-7256)

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    1. re: DaveS

      Rangmahal is at 355 South Broadway, Hicksville

    2. I would secodn Rangmahal. They make a shrimp dish in a spicy butter sauce (sounds odd, I know) that is outrageous.

      1. There is also Kiran Palace in the Delco Plaza (676-75 Old Country Road) -- great lunch buffet

        1. We really liked Rangmahal. Lovely owners BUT their prices are way to high for the portion size and area. We like Masala Wok, combination Indian and Chinese that really works. Many other Indian, Dosa, Kebab style places along Broadway which are good and priced right. As far as chinese, The Orient is the place.

          1. The bhel puri (ask for spicy) at the House of Dosas (Route 107, south of Old Country Road, next to the Subzi Mandi) absolutely rules! So does their rassam, and channa masala, and coconut rice, and pickles, and...

            It is not a white tablecloth type place, and it's all vegetarian, so it may not be the exact thing you're looking for, but the food has long been superb there.

            The thali (only served on weekends at lunchtime)is an incredible value.

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              Is the thali served on weekends or weekdays? It weems like it would be a weekday thing.

              1. re: gnocchi

                You're right- I meant weekdays (bit of a mental slip-up there.)