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Jul 19, 2006 04:34 PM

lunch in berkeley - disoriented LA chowhounder neeeds help!

sure i went to college in berkeley, but that was when 4th street was still a free-fire zone...please help clue me into the hot lunch spots, fancy or not fancy. and since that degree is finally paying off, i'm not worried about price either, at least for now.


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  1. Best lunch in Berkeley - Cafe at Chez Panisse ($$$$)

    Other, less expensive places to consider:

    Adagia, Gregoire (take out/limited seating/best value), Cafe Rouge

    1. Chez Panisse is definitely tops if price is not a concern.

      Second on Cafe Rouge as well. Best burger in town.

      Sea Salt if you're in the mood for fish.

      Best cheap lunch, Vik's.

      Slice of pizza at Pie in the Sky followed by gelato at Milano.

      1. Second the Vik's rec. Most fun crowd of all sorts of folks, old, young, hip, lots of kids with granny and granddad. Green plastic tables and chairs, cement floors....but very good food.

        1. Can't argue with Chez Panisse, but I strongly second Gregoire. Still dreaming of those potato puffs at the latter...