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Jul 19, 2006 04:31 PM

What restaurant in TO would you choose if someone else was paying?

Just curious what restaurant you would choose (any type of food) in the GTA if someone else was picking up the cheque. Thanks

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  1. Perigee, Splendido or Chiado, depending on the mood!

    1. Susur (as long as I didn't have to put out).

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      1. re: Olivia

        Susur, Susur and Susur again! or Thuet if I was really hungry!

        1. re: tasoid

          I'm following this thread with interest, since I will be in Toronto soon, with a per diem, though it is far from unlimited. Checked out the Susur website and it looks fabulous, but no prices are listed! So how expensive is it anyways? Is it really at the 'if you have to ask...' level? Thanks!

          1. re: susancinsf

            A 5 course tasting menu ranges from $65 (vegetarian) to $90...the seven course is about $75-$ list is extensive and ranges in price so your total depends on what you order...

            1. re: iheartfood

              thanks for the info, although I see below that they are closed in August (when I will be there...). Sigh.

      2. Perigee. For the dessert tasting. Or Susur, if they'd bring my mom too.

        Added notes:

        1. If Eigensinn counts as "in TO", that'd be my top pick.

        2. When I went to Susur with three friends, it came to $170 per person for the biggest tasting menu with a couple of bottles of wine and all taxes and tip. We loved it.

          1. Well... I've done Perigee recently. Definitely worth going back... but I'd try something different.

            Susur... done that once. Great meal. Great wine. Great $$.

            Spledido... am I the only one not blown away by this place? I thought it was decent, but not remarkable. The food was prepared well, just not very innovative and tasty IMO.

            I'd have to chose Eigensinn Farm as it seems very appealing. Looks like I have wandered outside your GTA border though. In that case, maybe Sushi Kaji or Omi as I haven't done either of those. Possibly Senses as well.

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            1. re: Derksen

              Eigensinn Farm would be ridiculously tempting....

              but in the line with Sushi Kaji and Omi...... my vote goes to Hashimoto. i've never been, but there's something about Japanese cuisine that absolutely takes my breath away and they're a really unique experience.

              so... how long can i stay? 2 hours? 3 hours? how about... 6?

              1. re: Derksen

                If you have not surrendered to Chef John Lee at Omi you simply must. Omakase should be changed to Omikase in his honour. Not only is his work impeccable, he has a unique gift for knowing precisely how to please his patrons. Worth every penny you will spend. That's why it isn't my choice when someone else is paying. I would happily pay for his offerings any day.

                1. re: Googs

                  I have not yet had the oppurtunity to surrender. I am in the process of convincing my non-sushi eating GF (horrible... I know, but she's a great girl otherwise) to take me there for the okakase.... I'll let you know after August 13th!