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Jul 19, 2006 04:26 PM

dinner for $25 for 2ppl


Are there any really chill and cozy resturant that are $25 for 2 people who orders an appetizer and two entrees in total (not including drinks, of course). I would like to dine anyway downtown (not higher than the 30's) I'm open to any food but not chinese for now. thanks a bunch!

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  1. How about Lanan or Saigon Grill on University Place.
    Love both places especially for their grilled pork chops.

    1. If you like Thai, check out Thai Thai on 1 St. and 1 Ave. Authentic Thai cuisine and very inexpensive. Also, La Linea is around the corner on 1 Ave bet. 1-2 St. and they have a great happy till 9pm on weekdays. They also play good hip-hop and the bartenders are great.

      Whend I was a student, we use to go to Fruiti de Mare on 2 Ave and 4 St (I think). I don't remember it being expensive and the food was decent. It's Italian food.

      And although this is out of your way, Orchid (Caribbean food) on 9Ave bet. 46-47 St. in Hells Kitchen was very good home cooking like food and the owner is very friendly. Worth a look.

      I think you can find all of these restaurants on and for ratings and cost.

      1. The best bang for the buck is Chinatown. I know you don't want Chinese, but I still recommend Sweet and Tart, Dim Sum Go Go (they are different from run of the mill Americanized Chinese), or one of the Vietnamese places like New Pasteur or Nha Trang (much better than Saigon Grill by the way).

        If you want more of a hipster downtown vibe, another cheap but authentic and cute place is Dosirak, a small Korean joint off University Place and 13th, or Mandoo Bar (great cheap dumplings, also Korean) also on University Place (near 10-11th?).

        I think Il Bagatto (?) is a great bargain Italian joint in the East Village.

        1. mandoo bar on university place has closed, and il bagatto would be more than $25 for two entrees and an app.
          cafe mogador or cafe orlin (both on st. mark's place) might work, or flor's kitchen on 1st avenue. i had delivery earlier this year from tai thai and it was execrable, but perhaps it was just a bad night for them.

          oh! almost forgot about casa adela on avenue c. it's bare-bones in terms of atmosphere (linoleum, tv blaring telemundo) but not uncomfortable, and $7.50 gets you a half rotisserie chicken (some of the best in the city, imo) with rice and beans or salad and tostones. easily enough for two, especially if you add some sancocho or something.

          1. i second both Cafe Mogador and Dosirak...

            and while i've never been to TaiThai, i have gotten takeout from Kai Kai (Ave A, between 8th/9th St) which recently opened a byob sitdown part...they have a very small menu, but it's cheap, non-greasy, and mellow...