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Jul 19, 2006 04:24 PM

has anyone been to Chinois lately?

thinking of taking my boyfriend there Saturday night for a special occasion... how is it? is it worth the price? thanks!

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  1. Went there a couple of weeks ago when my dad was in town. It remains a favorite of mine in this city. We ordered a lot of different stuff, and nothing disappointed.

    In sum, it's great and worth the price.

    1. It's ok, but for this type of Asian-fusion goto MAKO instead - less expensive and better food.

      1. Definitely worth it as a splurge. The Shanghai Lobster, in particular, is outstanding.

        1. Some of their food is still the best in LA. And the place is still also one of the prettiest yet noisiest restaurants in the Santa Monica/LA area. Great evening for food, fun, and good wine.
          Mako also serves very good food and wine, but in a very different vibe and energy level. Mako is more like going to church, compared to Chinois, if the vibe is the discussion.

          1. I was at Chinois on an expense account just last month. Can't tell you how much we paid as no one was paying any attention. However, I can tell you that the food is good but Mako is much better. Mako was the head chef there for about 16 years before he opened his own place. Mako is smaller, and the attention to detail and quality is greater. The last time I was at Chinois, it was pretty quiet and the only people there were old folks... now Chinois THAT was more like going to church! I really do believe that if you're in for the food, you should go to Mako. Both places get pretty packed and somewhat loud on Fridays and weekends. What I appreciate about Mako is the small plates... you can try just about everything! At Chinois, you can only pick a couple things to try before you've ordered way too much food for 2.