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Jul 19, 2006 04:19 PM

Atlanta: Japanese Restaurant Challenge

Hello Hounds,

I'm desperate for really good (and cheap) Japanese food (not just sushi joints) here in Atlanta and don't know where to go. Suggestions?


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  1. Why not try Hashiguchi Junior if you are looking for value. love their lunch combos. Soba, grilled pike, etc It is located across from Lenox in that shopping center with the CompUSA. I also like Nakato for shabu shabu. It is located on Cheshire Bridge.

    1. My recommendation is Umezono - on Cobb Parkway (US 41) at Windy Hill Road in Cobb County. From Atlanta, take I-75 north to the first exit past I-285 (Windy Hill Road) and turn left. Cobb Parkway is a couple of miles west of I-285. Turn left on Cobb Parkway and take the first right into the shopping center. Umezono is the first business on the left. They offer about a dozen combination lunches for under $7. Heavy oriental clientele and all Japanese staff with Japanese tv programming in the corner. This has been my favorite Japanese restaurant for nearly twenty years.

      1. Our favorites are both located on Peachtree Industrial just outside 285: Sakana-ya and Sushi Yoko. You can get sushi/sashimi at either, but both are better known for non-sushi offerings: extensive menus, traditional Japanese dishes, mostly Japanese clientele, very reasonable prices. Sushi Yoko (pay no attention to the "sushi" part of the name) is located in the same building as a small Japanese grocery, Tomato.