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Jul 19, 2006 04:19 PM

fishmongers - whole fish

checked out the older threads that were around a year old (i guess people like fresh fish in the summer ;)) and found this one to be along the lines of what i need ( except that anywhere bounded by bathurst, front, church and bloor is where i'm looking right now.

i'd like to know the best place to pick up a WHOLE fish that's been nicely cleaned. i'm not exactly eagre to spend a load of money on it, but if you can convince me that the quality will be of such a remarkable difference... you win.

also, suggestions on types of fish for grilling would be fantastic. i'm aiming for high fat fish to keep it moist.

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  1. Any of the fish shops in Kensington Market can take care of your needs.

    1. Kensington or St. Lawrence which is just outside your parameters.


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        are there any specific places that people suggest? very aware of each of these areas but i've only bought fish a fillet at a time.

      2. A few weeks ago I bought some branzino from Pisces (Yonge and Marlborough) that was delicious. I just went back this afternoon and got some because I was craving it. $20 for two whole fish (serviing one each for hubby and I). Did them whole on the grill and they were amazing!

        1. Call Mike's Fish in Etobicoke. It's outside your zone but worth the trip. Call 'em to see what's available.They're the retail arm of the big All Seas distributor. If this is for a group, get a guest to drive you.

          1. That's great you're going for a whole fish; much tastier and you can save the carcass for stock. The least expensive way to go with decent results is a whole flash-frozen Ontario whitefish or laketrout from No Frills (Bloor-Dufferin), $1.51/lb. They are cleaned but you do have to scale, which is easy and sort of fun if you do it outside where a mess doesn't matter. Rub with oil and salt inside & out. Stuff with herbs, wrap in foil, bbq on high for about 15 min. Directions are on package. Yum. YUM. Did I say YUM?