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Jul 19, 2006 04:15 PM

Soooo good – Acme green olive bread with Lola’s apricot rosemary jam

To me, Lola’s jams are up there with most of June Taylor’s and many are better.

They are more, for want of a better word, rustic and homey. Made in small batches from the best seasonal fruit, they intensify everything that is good about the season and the fruit. The Bing cherry jam is the only June Taylor jam that stands out in my memory. I fondly remember almost every Lola’s jam I’ve tried.

Lola’s apricot rosemary jam is the best I’ve tried to date. The rosemary gives warmth to the jam. The apricot halves keep their shape yet have the consistency of jam melding perfectly. There is a wonderful fresh rosemary fragrance.

The summer jams are starting to fill the shelves. There is a stunning deep purple Santa Rosa plum. When I asked which was best, the rosemary was suggested and to try it on a toasted olive baguette. Great suggestion. The green olive gives another dimension to the flavors.

This isn’t news, but for the first time I did a side by side taste of Acme with another artisan bread baker that I like very much. And it just jumped out at me how truly superior Acme is. Their pan de mile rolls are wonderful too.

Batches are small (maybe a dozen at most).

I love Lola’s ... in my top five restaurants (past reports)

Fresh Blueberry Pie, blueberry muffins, madelines, chocolate cake, quiche & sandwiches

Bergamot Marmalade

The perfect caramel apple & Halloween goodies

Gingersnap Greatness

Pizza, minestrone, bitter chocolate mousse cake, foccaccia

Blueberry-basil jam, sour cherry jam, peach chutney, Stromboli, calone, cookies, peach-blueberry crisp, THE CHICKEN !!!


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  1. I know that the Acme green olive bread is fantastic with good cheddar and I think that the combination of that with the rosemary apricot jam would also be great.

    1. Real stromboli? That's a rarity around here.

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      1. re: Robert Lauriston

        Yep. The only other place I know is

        Parry's Market/Pizzeria
        643 American Canyon Rd
        (707) 554-4603

      2. Hmmm...I'll be in the area. I just might have to check out Lola's today.

        BTW, rw, just got a new flyer from Parry's - they've added homemade cannoli to the menu.