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Jul 19, 2006 04:11 PM

fishtown recs?

i'll be there housesitting for a week, can anyone recommend some good spots? thanks in advance...

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  1. Deuce at 1040 N. 2nd St is good and there's another place whose name escapes me on the corner of Front (?) and Girard -- or maybe half a block past Front, closer to 2nd, that was good as well. There's also a Mexican place on Girard.

    Those places might be in Northern Liberties but I believe they're right on the border with Fishtown.

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    1. re: Beulah

      The two places you are thinking of are Johnny Brenda's (Front and Girard) and Las Caszuelas (between 3rd and 4th on Girard).

      1. re: saturninus

        Johnny Brenda's is at *Frankford* and Girard, and that's Las CAZUELAS if you're Googling. ... As a former Fishtowner, I can safely say it's a culinary wasteland. There's one sketchy but friendly diner (Sulimay's) and one passable coffee/sandwich place (Canvas Coffee). You're much better off heading one neighborhood over into Northern Liberties. Deuce on Second St just south of Girard is good. So is the new Bar Ferdinand, next door to Deuce, for tapas. I also really like Azure, about a block farther south on Second St.

    2. You're in luck! The best pizza in the city - or anywhere, IMHO - is Tacconelli's, at 26th and Somerset. You have to call ahead so that they will save the dough. Get the original - white pizza with garlic, spinach and tomatoes - it's incredible!

      This is just a plain-looking place (looks like a luncheonette), but people come from all over for the thin-crusted pizza. It should be convenient for you.

      1. At the intersection of Norris and Frankford Ave. (2001 Frankford) is Rocket Cat Cafe, an artsy coffeehouse that may have some snacks. There's a decent thiftstore next door as well. The people at Rocket Cat can tell you what's happening around the 'hood.

        1. Standard Tap at 2nd & Poplar for upscale bar food (good deep-fried fish) and great Old City Tavern atmosphere.