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Jul 19, 2006 04:06 PM

French resomendations for husband's b-day PLEASE!

I want to take my husband out for his birthday tomorrow evening, and we really enjoy French restaurants. We always wind up going to Daniel or Cafe Boulod. (I know it is the same chef) I just was hoping to surprise hime with something different. Any suggestions? He also does not want to wear a jacket..too hot!


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  1. AIX
    Cafe Loup
    Eleven Madison Park

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    1. re: Jacey

      Haven't been to Cafe Loup in years but I remeber it being very French, very dark and romantic...We used to sit in one of the curved banquets in the back...

      What about the back room at Chelsea Bistro and Bar? Glass enclosed ceiling, dried flowers, dark, warm and cozy...Another old fave... It has been a while but I remember very good French food and very decent wine list...

    2. Also:
      Fleur de Sel

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      1. re: DaveS

        Fleur de Sel -- so romantic, great food.

        1. re: Pupster

          I second Fleur de Sel.

          Avoid Artisinal where the service has been horrible lately, and Payard where the food has gone down hill.

          1. re: Pupster

            I had the lunch prix fixe at Fleur de Sel and found it very underwhelming.

            Do Daniel or Cafe Boulud actually require a jacket? I doubt it.

            1. re: Pan

              Regulars on the board know that I'm a fan of Fleur de Sel. We've had many dinners and lunches there, including several different lunch prix-fixes, all of which have been superb.

              Cafe Boulud definitely does not require a jacket, and my husband does not usually wear one when we have dinner there. In fact, Daniel Boulud originally envisioned the restaurant as a place where people would come very casually dressed, i.e., jeans, sweaters, etc. However, as it has turned out, most of the men do wear jackets because the restaurant tends to attract a certain type of UES clientele who are used to "dressing" for dinner.

              I don't think Daniel has a jacket requirement either. However, my husband wore one when we had dinner there, and I don't recall seeing any men not wearing jackets. So, I think it's the kind of restaurant that just seems to call for that kind of attire.

          1. maybe Balthazar, especially if you like oysters and bistro fare...

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            1. re: Simon

              Thank you, Simon, nut in all honesty, I never cared for this place. We dined here quite a few times, and perhaps it is me, but I just do not like it. Thanks anyway for posting!