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Jul 19, 2006 04:06 PM

North Pond recs?

First, thanks to everyone on this board who helped me pick North Pond for my anniversary dinner. I hadn't heard of the place before, and it looks awesome (food, views, ambience, etc).

What do people recommend? Either a la carte, the seasonal tasting menu, anything else? And anyone have and recs from their wine list (good bargains, esp. reds)?

Thanks, again, so much.

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  1. Their beet salad is always fantastic.

    1. I'm glad you ended up choosing North Pond - it's definitely one of my favorites.

      It's tough to reccomend a specific dish on the a la Carte menu, merely because the menu changes so frequently that it's rare to see a dish that I've had before still on it. That said, I've had their Foie Gras appetizer and loved it. I've had the seasonal tasting Prix Fixe as well, and left quite happy (I enjoyed it more than more expensive such meals at Charlie Trotter's and Tru).

      1. Nice place, warm, charming with great food. Unfortunately, our waiter was such a doink (please keep sophomoric political attitudes to yourself) that it really offset an otherwise great experience. Will retry.