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Jul 19, 2006 03:54 PM

Tangerine in Great Neck -- anyone been yet?

This "Asian Tapas and Noodle Bar" just opened last week on Middleneck Road. Has anyone tried it yet? I'm planning a visit soon.


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  1. Went there lunchtime today for the first time. Initial impression is that while the choices on the menu appear interesting, the food was just so-so. My friend and I shared some appetizers - a seafood pancake (still looking for the seafood blend) and shrimp wontons with a tasty dipping sauce (although the menu says otherwise - they never asked if we wanted them crispy or steamed). We both ordered the mixed seafood noodle soup. Big bowl of broth filled with lots of cellophane noodles, 3 small shrimp (not jumbo as the menu states), a nice-sized piece of salmon, what seemed to be tofu slices or were they really Japanese fish cakes (?) and one piece of, what may have been, bok choy. For $13, it really wasn't worth it. While not crowded, the service was slow. I'd suggest you wait a while longer to see if they get the kinks out before you try it.

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      I did try it already, and I was more impressed, although our dishes did not overlap. We had the green salad with peanut dressing, the salad with ginger dressing, cold sesame noodles, steamed spinach dumplings and one of the rice dishes. I thought they were very good, and it was nice to be able to order small plates, which you can't do very easily in the suburbs.

      However, I thought the food at Ozone (by the movie theater on Middleneck Rd) was better.

      At any rate, it's nice to have some new places in town.

      1. re: LloydG

        There has been some turnover in Great Neck and I have not goten to all the new places yet. Starfish 2 opened a few weeks ago and I liked the original in Merrick but the location on this one is terrible. I also have not tried Trobiano(sp)in the space last occupied by Stella. Have you tried either one yet?

    2. I definitely agree that it's nice to have some new restaurants in Great Neck. The concept of dining on Asian-style tapas is great. However, I suppose that my "gripe" with Tangerine that, at least for the dishes we tried, they weren't as per their descriptions on the menu.

      I understand that O'Zone is Thai-French which should make for some interesting combinations. Can you provide any menu recommendations?

      Also, it looks like a focacceria (pardon the spelling)is soon to open two doors away from Tangerine.

      As for the location of Starfish 2 - what's wrong with a restaurant above a Waldbaums next to a gym? Makes for a special dining experience doesn't it??? As for the food, I've yet to try it.

      1. I've tried both Trobianos and O'Zone. I've yet to make it to Starfish, although the Merrick menu looks good (I haven't eaten in that one either).

        Trobiano's is okay, not that much different than La Stella was. I prefer cafe Rustica for basic pasta/Italian -- it feels more homey and I think the food is comparable.

        I think O'Zone is delicious, although I've only eaten there once. It's a big step up from the mediocre Thai places that were in that location previously. I had the Tamarind Duck, which was delicious, as were the spring rolls and salad. My wife had a steamed veggie dish which was also very good. We didn't try the French side of the menu, and I doubt that I will, but it could be good for going out with people who don't like Thai food. I'm looking forward to going back.

        I'm wondering if the "focacceria" is the same La Rotonda that is on Bond Street. It seems odd for two identically named restaurants to be two blocks apart without being related.

        Hopefully Tangerine will generate a little business and have some time to iron out its kinks.