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Jul 19, 2006 03:44 PM

brioche french toast

Any suggestions for restos serving Brioche French Toast?
I am envisioning almost a carmelized crunchy exterior and a custardy center...
have heard great things about Tartine's brioche bread pudding could they also fulfill my FT needs?

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  1. No to Tartine...definitely not crunchy, and the center isn't too custardy....although they do make their own brioche...
    I'm looking forward to your replies though..that is my idea of "Perfect" French toast...although I can't wait to try the recipe graciously bequeathed to us by "Winterland" this included a crispy "bruleed top"! and it truly was perfection....
    I also can't wait for our August 26th Chowdown there, now that we have reached the magical 45 people signed up...I guess I'll have to wait till then or try the recipe myself!

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    1. re: ChowFun_derek

      I went to Tartine yesterday to buy some of their brioche...they are no longer selling it..(although they still make their own for their bread pudding...)
      does anyone know who else in SF sells brioche??

    2. I've always love the French Toast at Chouchou. I can't remember if the exterior was really "crunchy", but the center just melts in your mouth. Instead of ordering dessert the other week, I got an order of French Toast....

      1. The Pain Perdu at Clementne is incredible. Ethereal, but it is served as a dessert.

        Slightly different-- the croissant french toast at Chloe's is opulent and worth it!

        1. >The Pain Perdu at Clementne is incredible.
          seconded (just in case this is a poll).

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          1. re: psb

            Third the pain perdu at Clementine. Amazing. The caramelized brioche at Winterland was actually the only thing I've ever had that was even close.

          2. The bakery on Pine near Fillmore sells a great brioche. Here's their contact:

            Boulangerie Bay Bread
            2325 Pine Street at Fillmore (415) 440-0356 ext. 204

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            1. re: hankstramm

              the one in Cole Valley as well, very good.