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white peaches at Santa Monica Farmer's Market

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  • fdb Jul 19, 2006 03:43 PM
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Does anyone know if those super sweet white peaches & white nectarines are available yet? I usually find it at the corner of Arizona & 2nd. Any other vendors that you buy from?

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  1. While not a SM Farmer's Mkt shopper, the one in Studio City has had white peaches for at least a month, as has Whole Foods Market out here, and the peaches are really good this year.

    1. I'm going this morning in a little while to SM. I'll let you know. I think you're probably thinking of Fitzgerald--he always has the best stone fruit IMO--always with crazy names. I do know there will be Blenheim apricots, by the way. They had them at Saturday's market. Maybe a week or two more for those.

      1. Fitzgerald's is selling Snow Queen white nectarines at SM FM--looks like today only. Honey Crisp's stand is done for the SQ's season.


        For store bought, I've had the best luck with white nectarines at Nijiya Market.

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          Beautiful photo!! Yummmmm.

        2. Honey Crisp told me they will have white peaches next week (next Wed.) They said they had them this morning but were sold out by the time I got there (around 11:30 as it turned out).

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            You've just reminded me-there were "donut", aka saturn or Chinese Flat, white peaches from the stand in the middle of Arizona for sale-from the bald fella who usually sells grapes. Curious if any hounds tasted them, they looked quite plump.

          2. Thanks everyone. Wish we could have these fruits all year long.........