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Jul 19, 2006 03:43 PM

white peaches at Santa Monica Farmer's Market

Does anyone know if those super sweet white peaches & white nectarines are available yet? I usually find it at the corner of Arizona & 2nd. Any other vendors that you buy from?

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  1. While not a SM Farmer's Mkt shopper, the one in Studio City has had white peaches for at least a month, as has Whole Foods Market out here, and the peaches are really good this year.

    1. I'm going this morning in a little while to SM. I'll let you know. I think you're probably thinking of Fitzgerald--he always has the best stone fruit IMO--always with crazy names. I do know there will be Blenheim apricots, by the way. They had them at Saturday's market. Maybe a week or two more for those.

      1. Fitzgerald's is selling Snow Queen white nectarines at SM FM--looks like today only. Honey Crisp's stand is done for the SQ's season.

        For store bought, I've had the best luck with white nectarines at Nijiya Market.

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        1. Honey Crisp told me they will have white peaches next week (next Wed.) They said they had them this morning but were sold out by the time I got there (around 11:30 as it turned out).

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            You've just reminded me-there were "donut", aka saturn or Chinese Flat, white peaches from the stand in the middle of Arizona for sale-from the bald fella who usually sells grapes. Curious if any hounds tasted them, they looked quite plump.

          2. Thanks everyone. Wish we could have these fruits all year long.........