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Jul 19, 2006 02:41 PM

Andy Nelson's

After the most recent rib thread, I've put Andy Nelson's at the top of my "to do" list.
What do you think about going there for dinner? (if it closes at 8, do people still go at 7, or is it already starting to wind down?)
And most importantly: what is the definitive first thing to try?

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  1. Dinner should be fine. You order at the counter and grab your tray when they call your number, so time shouldn't be a problem at all.

    The ribs are great, dry rub or sauced. I personally enjoy the pulled pork. There are an array of sauces on the tables, my favorite is the one that is mustard based.

    As far as the sides go, I think the potato salad is amazing. The beans and cornbread are superb, too.

    But then again, I'm slightly biased because I haven't had a bad meal there.


    1. I want to like Andy Nelson's but the several times I've been have been disappointing. I couldn't eat the pulled pork the last time I ordered it because the texture and flavor were so off. The baked beans are incredibly sweet and full of vegetables-not my cup of tea. Lot's of people apparently love this place but I don't get it. Or maybe I'm ordering the wrong things.

      1. The beef brisket sandwich can't be beat! They've had some excellent homemade desserts of late, too. The desserts vary from day to day; their fresh peach cobbler is not to be missed! BTW, be sure and park on their parking lot - a coworker recently got towed when parked on an adjacent lot.

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        1. They sometimes have a buffet on Fridays. You order at the counter (two meats and two sides at a time) so the food doesn't die on a steam table. Though not every menu item is included, most items are and it wasn't a bad deal at $14 or so. AND it included a heaping bowl of the peach cobbler.

          If they aren't doing the buffet, the pulled pork, cornbread, and wet ribs are my favorites.



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            I've posted this before, but I'll reiterate it. I don't think the buffet is a good deal at all, given that no matter what I've ordered (and I've had just about everything on the menu), I can't eat more than $10 worth of food at one sitting. I can eat quite a bit, too.

            That minor quibble aside, I love Andy's. Ate there last night, in fact, and got a deconstructed pulled pork sandwich for lunch today. The baked beans are the best I've ever had.

            1. re: JonParker

              You are right Jon that the buffet is not a great deal. I should have written that it's good for first timers who may want to try most everything on the menu which one couldn't do with out spending a lot more money.

              On all my subsequent trips, I have barely been able to finish a regular combo platter. Though I always manage : )



              1. re: KOK

                Good point about the first-timers, although the preferred method for trying everything on the menu would be to return again and again and again...

          2. Yes, you can't go wrong with the above suggestions. The brisket and beef barbecue are terrific. However, you might ask for a taste of the beans before ordering them. They are on the odd side, with hot pepper being the main flavor. The cole slaw, too, could be sweeter for my taste, but again, that's a matter of personal preference. There are specials on certain days. The smoked catfish on Fridays is outstanding if you enjoy other smoked fish, and I have heard raves about the Carolina chicken (Monday?), which features that nice mustard sauce you've read about. I'm looking forward to trying the ribs and cornbread.