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Jul 19, 2006 02:39 PM

Romantic Birthday Dinner for Boyfriend Who Loves Meat

Hi. I am looking for a romantic, but not stuffy, place to take my boyfriend for his birthday, preferably in the West Village (but Chelsea or Union Square would work also.) He loves all things meat, steak,sausage and pork. I considered churrasceria plataforma, but I think a more intimate place would be better. I am currently considering Alfama or AOC Bedford, but I have not been to either. Any thoughts?

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  1. My husband, a true blue meat boy, loves The Old Homestead, which is right near the West Village. It's his favorite steak joint in all of Manhattan. I think it's more of an old boys club type of atmopshere, but the food the times that I have been dragged along with him has been very good.

    I LOVE Churrascaria Plataforma by the way!

    1. Churrascaria is great! You're right though - it does get a bit loud as it fills up.

        1. i would say Strip House in Union Square. We went for a birthday around this time last summer and it was great. It's a little "trendy" if you want to call it that, so it doesn't have that old steakhouse feel. lighting is dim and decor is very nice. seating is pretty close to one another, but they were able to accomodate a little more private area. service is very good and definitely the food.

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            Strip House with its sexy red interior and romantic private booths. Or the Knickerbocker, an intimate place for grownups, often has live jazz playing at night.

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              I do agree about Strip House, however - be forewarned, I took my husband there for a big birthday end of last year and though they did confirm the special notes both on Open Table and when I called to confirm and VERY nicely mention the special day, they were unwilling to accomodate us when we arrived and still we had to wait about 45 minutes at the bar for a table with no apologies. I (we) was (were) very happy with the wait staff and food, however, not very happy with the hostess staff. We were squished into a small two top between some loud parties but made the best of it...it was a special day and we were starving!

              I happen to like the charm of places like the Old Homestead and Keens...

              Never been to Dylan Prime but thought about that for last years dinner. Still on my list as the space looks elegant, hip and spacious.

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                I agree w/the service issues. Had to wait 30 minutes after my reservation to get seated when I took my boyfriend there for HIS birthday. Plus, I found the decor cheesy, not sexy.

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                  Funny you say that about cheesy... I was not as impressed with the decor either. Plus, a minumum of $100 if you want to drink a DECENT red with your steak. I know you do not go there to budget but still... a few reasonably priced bottles would go along way in perception. My opinion anyway! :-)

            2. Go to Blue Smoke. Great ribs, burgers, and sausage appetizer platter. And it's a more upscale atmosphere than R.U.B., which has slightly better food.

              Ask for a table "upstairs" to avoid the crowd downstairs.