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Jul 19, 2006 02:27 PM

Moving to SF

hi there,

i'm moving to San Fran in a month or two from Boston. I was hoping that people might have suggestions for food stores to check out, both in terms of day to day shopping, as well as extravagant goodies for special occasions.

Specifically, I'd like to find:
- amazing cheese stores
- great charcuterie/boucherie
- japanese citrus, like Yuzu
- unbelievable sushi fish
- lobes of foie gras
- good deals on wine
- cheap kitchen supply stores
- iron chef clubs, if you have them out there
- anything else you love about SF food shopping/prepping/cooking!

Thanks in advance for your advice and help!

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  1. Cheese: Say Cheese in Cole Valley, 24th Street Cheese Company in Noe Valley, Rainbow Grocery in SoMa, and Cowgirl Creamery in the Ferry Building.

    Charcuterie: my favorite is the Fatted Calf booth at the Ferry Building on Saturdays.

    Wine: My absolute favorite place to get wine is K&L Wines in SoMa. Great website, prices lower than BevMo, very friendly and helpful staff, interesting selections.

    Sushi fish: Yum Yum fish in the Inner Sunset.

    You're going to be in food heaven here.

      1. Welcome to San Francisco! Below are the places I use.

        Specifically, I'd like to find:

        - amazing cheese stores - Cowgirl Creamery

        - great charcuterie/boucherie - I go to Golden Gate Meats in the Ferry Building. It's family-owned, mostly organic, local, and the staff is incredible. (Last Sunday they brought me behind the counter to demonstrate how to butcher a chicken.) LOVE them.

        - lobes of foie gras - I know you can buy it at Golden Gate Meats, but I'm not sure where else.

        - good deals on wine - K&L's the best deal I've found

        - cheap kitchen supply stores - Divisadero around Hayes, I think, there's a used kitchen store that feels like an attic. Can't remember the name. AWESOME. Does anyone remember the name?

        - anything else you love about SF food shopping/prepping/cooking!

        - The Ferry Building is on my way home from work, so I get most of my daily groceries there, although the veggies can be overpriced (totally worth it on fish and meat, though)

        - Rainbow Foods is a co-op and a great place to get bulk staples like rice, pasta, flour, sugar, salt, etc. Bring your own bags or packaging, weigh them out--you'll save a lot of money (and make the environment happy, too). We get all of our cleaning products there, too.

        Generally, you'll find it's like a dream here. Fresh produce, seasonal foods, a lot of local organic stuff--it's incredible.

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          Absolutely agree regarding Golden Gate Meats -- they are terrific. Love the fact that I can get things like Wild Boar there too, without having to order from Polarica.

        2. I have not been very impressed by Golden Gate Meats. I'm spoiled by Fatted Calf, the Cafe Rouge (Berkeley) meat counter, and my local halal butcher (Indus Foods).

          Cookin' is the used cookware place on Divisadero. It's not cheap but the selection is enormous.

          1. For kitchen supply, check out Kamei on Clement. Very cheap and often quite high quality Japanese cooking implements, including top line knives.

            Check out Luca's on Valencia for imported Italian cured meats and for staples such as San Marzano tomatoes.

            For wine, K&L and Wine Club.

            Cheese, second 24th street cheese company

            Butcher, hard one, but Golden Gate is the better of the not so good in San Francisco. Go to Berkely to Cafe Rouge if you want better. Bryan's disappoints in terms of quality, e.g. their beef is not well marbled nor do they carry organic or grass fed options. For Foie Gras check out Polarica, but you need to buy in bulk and it is a great source for game meats.

            I love the farmers markets and I love Bi-Rite for being a good one stop shop in my hood.