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Jul 19, 2006 02:16 PM

Best Paella in Manhattan?

Looking and not!

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  1. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a resounding consensus yet, but here's a recent thread:

    1. Thanks...guess I should have searched first. You live, you learn.

      1. It's tiny and dark, showing its age, but hands-down my family loves El Faro. The paella is the closest any of us have found to what my Spanish great grandmother used to make.

        1. I like El Faro and Pipa. Both excellent choices.

          1. Pipa wins hands down in my opinion. Perfectly cooked with balanced flavors -- not cheap at $23, but great.
            I do like the El Faro "Paella". It's a good sharable size. The scallops are numerous and moist as are the shrimp. But its baked briefly in a deep metal pot so there's none of that concentration of flavor that baking in the wide pan creates. No chorizo either. The flavor is mild and buttery. More like arroz con...
            As for El National, they used to have an intermittently good seafood paella- sometimes overcooked and dry, sometimes great. But the last time I was there they only had a mixed one with chicken that was just ok.
            The one at Euzaki has well-seasoned rice -- a nice amount of chopped chorizo mixed in -- the mussels are fine but the scallops and shrimp are sparce and a bit dry.