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Jul 19, 2006 01:47 PM

A post on Bubble tea got me thinking: Where is there GOOD bubble tea in Mpls/St. Paul area? Any tried and true?

There used to be a tiny little low budget place on Lexington, just off Larpentuer in St. Paul (across from Mavericks- the finest roast beef sandwich in the world) They had such good bubble tea and super cheap Asian style foods including Spring Rolls that blew my mind, but I predicted it would not last and of course, it closed leaving me wondering where really good bubble tea can be found.

Any suggestions, comments, ideas???

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  1. The only bubble tea I've had is from The Tea Garden at the corner of 26th and Hennepin in Uptown. If I remember correctly, I usually get the mango latte bubble tea and it's delicious. But since it's the only bubble tea I've tried, I don't know if there's any better to be found in these parts.

    A person who claims to have a lot more experience than I in these matters says that The Tea Garden is the best that he or she has had in the Twin Cities. See below for ratings and other bubble tea outlets:

    1. We had great beverages at Penisula on Nicollet. The Malaysian Red Bean Freeze with small tapioca was very good. The food was enjoyable,too.

      1. You can find bubble tea at most of the Asian restaurants on Eat Street (Nicollet) and on University Ave in St. Paul. There's even a place called, I think, Bubble Tea Cafe on Nicollet between 25th and 26th.

        I don't order bubble tea very often, because it's too sweet for me (unless I'm eating REALLY spicy food). But I remember liking the bubble tea from Quang and from Jasmine Deli.


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          Correction - the place on Nicollet with "Bubble" in the name is Bubble Delite. With a name like that, how can you lose? It's just up the block from Pho 79.


        2. Too sweet for me - But a GREAT bubble tea place is on Grand in Saint Paul, near Wet Paint.

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            Susie, how about a bit more information on where it is? I have no idea where Wet Paint is....

          2. There is also good bubble tea in the Midtown Global Market. The name of the place escapes me, but it is the large SE Asian/Chinese place. It is good, too. Best I've had this side of Chicago.

            Still not as good as the ones I got in Taiwan, but that may be nostalgia talkin'!