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Jul 19, 2006 01:47 PM

Chowhound in Today's Toronto Star

Jim Leff was in Toronto recently. Here are some hot tips.

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  1. That's how I found out about the site. I freaking love it. I'll be here often to add my two cents!

    1. The print version mentions Arax. Don't bother going there -- it's out of business.

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      1. re: The Berserker

        It was still in business when I walked home past it this evening. They have wonky hours, though. They closed for reno for a bit, and reopened a few months back. I'm glad- we have too few decent restaurants in the Beaches.

        I bought the Star today in a show of chowhound support. All hail Jim Leff!

        1. re: lissar

          Don't hail me, hail the city. Toronto is an amazing chow town. Most locals are pretty lazy, hound-wise, so there's incredible unsung treasure hanging low on the trees. Every trip I find 10-12 world class haunts. I feel like Superman off planet Krypton, it's so incredibly easy.....

          Arax is in biz. Be prepared for a totally eccentric and domineering owner. If you don't like wacky scenes, it's not for you. Me? I like character (and characters). And his mom cooks like an angel. Oh, and Alex Falafel, just down the block, is really really good (I didn't thoroughly investigate, so am not sure if everything's consistent...get the chicken shwarma sandwich with lots of toom, or garlic sauce).


          1. re: lissar

            I walked by Arax again tonight. Still out of business, since July 10th, according to the "Notice to Tenant" posted in the window. And the signage has been removed.

            1. re: The Berserker

              Nooooo, I want to go there tomorrow for my anniversary. We were there in May for hubby's BD, and Raffi and his mom made us an amazing dinner (with Raffi's entertainment, of course.) I've been trying to call and the number is out of service. Damn.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. We have loved Arax for years. We always have a great time there - Raffi is an excellent (and crazy in a good way!) host. Arax is one of the few reasons I ever head to the Beach area. I'm glad it's getting some press and some discussion on this board.

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            1. re: Juniper

              Arax is great, but be prepared. Raffi decided what we were eating and thankfully he chose well (wouldn't let us see menus). I think he really adds to the experience. Agree with Juniper's description of his hosting, he decides what you eat, what you drink, when you can pay and will likely make you get up and dance! If you can handle it- it is a great time!

              1. re: cream

                I'm quite sure his decisions would be open for input, if one was properly respectful about it!

                But he loves to diagnose what people need to eat. It's part of the charm (though I realize lots of people hate this sort of thing...which is why so many places are safe and bland).

            2. Arax sounds like a blast...where exactly is it and what kind of food do they serve?? Do you need reservations?

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              1. re: jackackattack

                Arax is on Queen East, in the Beach, close to the Lick's. Raffi is Armenian, so he might explain it as Armenian, though that will get you in to politically tricky waters since Turks/Kurds, Syrians, and the Lebanese can also make claims to the kinds of food Arax serves.

                1. re: jackackattack

                  They do Turkish-Armenian. But they're not trying to be an ethnic's not a full-range menu of Turkish-Armenian hits. But momma's one heckuva cook, and I'd eat anything she made me. I doubt you'd need reservations, but I wouldn't go there fri/sat night unless I was a regular, it might be too nutty (there's usually dancing involved) and loud for a first visit.