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Jul 19, 2006 12:42 PM

Caffeine Content in Coffee Ice Cream

I try to avoid giving my kids caffeine. It makes me hyper, it makes my kids super hyper. The caffeiene content in coffee ice cream can be as high as in a can of coke, or a cup of coffee. Both of which can zoop me for an entire day. I love coffee ice cream, I just can't have it at night. Below is a link to a caffeine content chart.

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    2. My son LOVES coffee ice cream and so far (he's almost five) I have never seen an adverse reaction. We don't drink any soda so I can't compare his reaction if he drank a coke or mountain dew.

      However I think serving size may be the key. The most icecream (any flavor) he has eaten in one sitting is a small scoop either in a cone or dish. Maybe if he ate a full cup he would have a reaction?

      1. I've seen coffee ice cream made with decaf. coffee...not sure who made it...might have been Baskin-Robbins or maybe Hagan Daaz.

        1. Here is a page with all of the info on caffeine:

          With a few exceptions, the coffee ice creams surveyed have between 40 and 60 mg of caffeine per cup of ice cream. An 8oz cup of coffee has 135 mg. Note that other ice creams that have a higher proportion of air per cup will consequently have less caffeine per cup.

          If you type "caffeine coffee ice cream" into google you will get a number of other useful sites.

          1. I bought McConnel's Turkish Ice Cream once, SO who is caffine sensitive got a TOTAL buzz off of it, it was NOT pretty...


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              Yes, that flavor is very jitter-inducing! We had some at a late-night diner once and def. felt it. Starbucks does the same for me...I love coffee ice cream, just not too late at night!

              To address this topic, my parents didn't allow us kids to drink coffee or buy us any coffee-flavored treats til we were much older. I probably didn't even explore coffee til college. Somehow they lumped coffee in w/ other substances like alcohol, cigarettes, etc. No, my parents weren't "cool" enough to let us sip wine during a nice meal either. :-(

              I don't have any kids of my own, but can see myself being cautious about caffeine w/ kids. My jaw still drops when I see what looks to be a 10 y.o. kid w/ a supersized coffee drink from Starbucks. Coming from my upbringing, it seems downright illegal. :-)

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                That's really funny! Now that I think about it, I'm not very sensitive to caffeine, but the *only* thing that has ever made me jittery was one of those frapuccino-type-thingys from Baskin Robbins (I forget what they're called there!) I couldn't blink for an hour afterwards! Maybe it's the combo of sugar, chocolate, and coffee?

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                  Would you feel the same way about a kid eating some dark chocolate? Just curious- not that I care what someone else thinks of my parenting choices, but...
                  We're dark chocolate fans in this house (except my husband, who only eats white chocolate). My 6 year old is just discovering milk chocolate, he's used to the 70-88% dark chocolates.
                  IMO, caffeine has been unfairly demonized. It doesn't stunt your growth, and in small amounts it doesn't really have any negative health effects (certainly there are special circumstances). But then again, I am the type of parent to let my kids try out certain types of alcohol.