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Jul 19, 2006 12:14 PM

good old school Italian in New Haven CT area?

My wife was raised in an Italian-American home where macaroni with gravy (pasta with tomato sauce for those who don't watch the Sopranos) was Sunday dinner. We will be in New Haven / Wallingford for her birthday on Sunday. is there a place that could furnish a great version of this childhood meal? Checking the boards, Tre scalini and Adriannas are possible choices. Any local opinions on these or others? Thanks in advance.

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  1. Both are excellent, IMHO. Adrianna's is a little easier on the pocketbook. Tre Scalini serves both traditional and nouveau-Italian dishes. For Truly authentic "macaroni and gravy" dishes at affordable prices, I'd suggest Antonio's in East Haven.

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      I was just going to suggest Antonio's - Main Street in East Haven. I agree, it's great, hole in the wall and they make something for you (within reason) that's not on the menu.

      Tre Scalini is good too, but I agree that Antonio's is better for traditional Italian-American food. What about Ristorante Faustini down the Street? Zina, do you know if that's still good? It was a few years ago.

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        WOW, I forgot about Ristorante Faustini and I had my wedding rehearsal dinner there! It's still very, very good and reasonable. Chef-owned, great service, such an enjoyable experience. Don't let the fact that it's in a strip mall fool you....this place rocks Italian!

    2. In New Haven, I like Consiglio's or Antonio's (a new place on the Woodbridge/New Haven line). Adriannas always gets rave reviews, it's on my list to try very soon. The River Restaurant in Derby is pretty good too, I like their pizza, but you said pasta, right? :)
      ...The best place in the Wallingford area would have to be Lido's in Meriden. The pizza and pasta dishes are basic, but so flavorful and the portions are generous for what they charge.

      Here are the websites for some of the restaurants:

      1. Many thanks for the great suggestions. We will try tre Scalini based on one of the dinner guests requests, though the chowhound in me thinks that Antonio's or faustini might be better choices. I will report back.

        1. Tre Scalini is a great choice - not to worry. IIRC the creme brulee is UNbelievable there.

          1. Many thanks to missykins, JRW and Zina for the helpful responses. We ended up at Tre Scalini and it was very good. The highlights were the pane cotto hot antipasto, and Arturo's cinammon apple tart. The pane cotto was a little like thick ribolitta soup broiled to brown bread crumbs and cheese on top. It was a little too salty but otherwise very tasty. The apple tart was one of the better desserts that I've had in an Italian restaurant. Otherwise we had the antipasti platter,and rigatoni with eggplant and gemelli with sausage and rabe. The pastas were well prepared but not mind blowing. Overall a good meal and good value ($107 for two appetizers, three pastas, two desserts, wine, and coffee before tip).