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Jul 19, 2006 07:34 AM

One good italian restaurant in Vancouver is all I want

If I were to have only one dinner in Vancouver and it was "italian", where should it be?

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  1. Felix:

    The one which immediately springs to mind is Pino Posteraro's [sp?]Cioppino's in Yale Town.

    Cin Cin on Robson has been good during past visits. I believe the chef/owner Romy Prasad has gone elsewhere. May have opened a place called Savoury Coast.

    A Corsi brother's restaurant, Quatro on 4th used to be good but it has been years since I was last at it. I am not sure that it is still there.

    On the north shore just up from Lonsdale Quay is another Corsi establishment, Gusto Corsi that was decent hearty, rustic Italian fare...less of the exotic...more of the red sauce.

    1. Cioppino's is really good... nice atmosphere too if you like the low lighting, old boys' club atmosphere.

      1. There is a fabulous restaurant adjacent to the Italian Cultural Centre on East 12th and Renfrew (?) called Darios.

        1. I have always liked the dining room at Umbertos. Slightly overpriced but a real Tuscan experience. Also, for lesser $, Enotecca next to Ciopinnos in Yaletown does great food (try the veal cheek tagliatelli) or braised shortribs over mushroom risotto.

          1. Moz, agree with Umberto's.

            However, I have to confess that everytime I think of Umberto I cannot help but shudder as I recollect that smarmy, greasy cookng show he used to have on Canadian was so bad that it might have been right out of central casting for a Saturday Night Live or Second City sketch of the "disco duck", open and wide collar shirt, chains, cornucopia pendant era....mind you, what does he care. Vineyard and villa in Tuscany, cooking school...he certainly has brought Italian food a long way from the spaghetti and meat ball days....

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              Thank you all for your replies, will keep them in mind for the next trip to Vancouver as the night we had reserved for this dinner was pre-empted by a family dinner invitation we could not refuse . ( so many restaurants, so few days and nights in Vancouver- we spent three nights in Gabriola island - a beautiful place but a culinary wasteland ).