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Jul 19, 2006 07:19 AM

La Toque?

Will be in Napa in two weeks. A friend sugg. we try this place,any thoughts? thanks!

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  1. I ate there about 10 days ago... for the second time. I wouldn't volunteer to go back. Terrific wine list, but on the whole not an outstanding experience. For $98 a person including gratuity and bottled water I expect better. I want the best bites ever. The food is good, but not BEST EVER in my book.
    Terra on the other hand...!

    1. I had an exceptional meal there about 2 years ago. I know a tremendous amount can change in that period of time but it was so good that i would be really surprised if the quality had dropped off that drastically. It was at la toque that i finally started eating and liking beets again thanks to a superb pairing with a cabernet franc!
      I cannot speak for this place in the most current of terms but I would surely go back if given the chance.
      good luck and enjoy!

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. I've also had an amazing meal a few years back on Valentine's Day. $100 per person is actually very reasonable for the amount of food you get. I believe it was 5 courses plus amuse, a special Valentine's Day platter filled with cookies and candies, and truffles with the check. Do beware of the wine list. It IS excellent, but it can also burn a hole in your wallet. We got a glass of wine each and they costed $90! Thinking back, I shouldn't have been surprised since a majority of the bottles are in the hundred range, with many in the thousands and some in the ten-thousands. Anyway, it was one of our best meals. I've actually read reviews from people who prefers La Toque over French Laundry.